List of US colleges that DO NOT require GRE

Attempted GRE but failed to get a reasonably good score?
Late for your application deadline and don’t have time for GRE?
Want to do your masters but don’t want to study until you get there?
Forgot how to study for competitive exams? Well, don’t fret!

Here is a list of colleges/universities in the US that don’t require the GRE score.


San Jose University – computer science

California State University – Channel Islands – computer science

California State University – Northbridge – computer science

Carnegie Mellon University – Physics

Bridge Port University – Computer science

University of Maryland University College

University of New Mexico – Biomedical science

Wichita State University – Computer science

University of Dayton

California State University – Sacramento – Civil Engineering

Drop in a note, if you’ve any questions.

Vineet’s Tip: It’s useful to take the GRE exam (even if it’s just for namesake), as this will help your visa application.

Good luck and Happy Studying!

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  1. Any idea if the subject GRE is essential for applying to major grad schools, or if the general GRE will suffice? Thanks in advance…

    • Hey Utkarsh…. I think the General GRE is accepted by most univs, very few ask for the subject. But that depends on which field your focus is on…

      ..I suggest, list out 10-12 univs in an excel sheet… about 4 dream univs of your choice… 6 moderately good univs.. and 2-3 univs that you are sure of gettin’
      Once you have this list, go through each of their websites and see which tests they prefer.. the GRE subject or GRE general.
      Then make your decision.

      Hope this helps.. Good Luck on your university hunt! : )

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  3. Vipin

    You are boring baldy i mean storm rider!! :D

  4. There are so many social factors that can divert a young person from studying and college success that such tests have very little indication of student quality or more precisely evaluating work ethic. . I suppose they have to have something as part of the weaning out process, however. I barely graduated with a 2.0 (with 2 extra semesters for retake courses). I completed 33 years as a high school history teacher in Miami Dade schools: low income, violent, drug invested, dysfunctional families, immigrant populations and the new teachers “smarter ” than me did not last much past the second year. I also completed two post grad degrees. Thanks visit my blog.

    • Hi Carl… I didn’t know you were a teacher until now… BA in History, MA in Religion.. very cool. : ) I have to say, a very very impressive ‘About Me’ page at your blog. : ) I wish one day I can do al least half the things you do..:P
      You are quite right.. A single test cannot judge the potential of a candidate… But I guess they need a test, to judge applicants from all over the world on the same platform. And there are loads of distractions when you’re young.
      33 years in teaching? You must be a very patient man. : )
      You’re poetry, your humourous drawings are just brilliant.
      Keep doing what you are doing, Sir. :)
      And thanks for taking the time out on my blog.
      Have a good week ahead. : )

  5. Well good luck with this! I think one might be better to just bite the bullet and take it! k.

    • haha.. I know!… but somehow this time I managed to dodge the bullet ;) : ) … I got admission in a university in Canada which didn’t rquire the GRE test. So happy! Will joining this September. So so excited!
      Thanks for taking the time and commenting. :) Appreciate it.

      • Hi Vineet – My brother is looking for universities in Canada that dont need GRE scores. Any tips? Thanks.

        • Hello there swapstar…

          Most universities in Canada say, in their admission requirement that the “GRE test is highly recommended” or “GRE is strongly recommended” etc.

          That’s only to scare you off.. Except the UBC, U of Torronto, York and a few others ( top universities ) in Canada require a GRE, but the rest accept applications without a GRE score provided you have reasonably good scores in your undergrad, and have a convincing statement of purpose.

          You might also want to tell your brother to get involved socially, a little community service if he is not already into it already. All this boosts up your profile. Community Service in Canada is given higher weigtage than marks or even GRE. : )

          Wish him the best of luck! : )
          Let me know if he requires info on anything else. I’ll try my best to help.
          I also have a list of good Canadian universities that don’t require GRE. Will share that soon. : )

          Hope this helped!


          • Ram

            I am planning to apply for MS in US or canada or Aus in Spring 2014. As you mentioned, i want to boost up my profile. However i am not exactly sure what community service to do… i get a million replies when i google NGO or community service…and this just bogs me down….. i live in chennai, i can afford to spend time on weekends to do community service…i work in an IT company as a software developer/engineer
            Please let me know any specific community service you did or any of your friends did, that they found rewarding both at a personal level and in their profile….or you can just tell me anything you know of. Any help is greatly appreciated…thanks a lot….

  6. anu ravi

    hi, I just wrote my GRE and I got low marks. could you give me some universities in US that take moderate scores. ps: i am a GC holder if it would help :(

    • Hey Anu… this is a real tricky question. There is no straight forward anwser to that.. Each university looks at your profile i.e your work experience, community services, your SOP, your LOR, etc, even if your GRE score may not be that good, if the former is solid, then they will not hesitate to take you regardless of your gre score. I suggest go through a consultancy dealing with student studying abroad, they will definitely have a history record of students getting admission in universities in that GRE score range.

      Also, since you have the advantage of a green card, I suggest instead of looking for moderate universities in the US, look for good universities in Canada which don’t require GRE, or even NewZealand, UK n stuff. Once you finish your course after 1 or 2 years, you have the advantage of applying for work in the US. I’m sure it’ll work out for you. :)
      I think, your Green card is definitely an advantage for your Visa, and also getting a job in the US but not for gaining admsission in a univ.
      Anyways, good luck.. :) And I hope this helped. :)

      All the best.

  7. Namaste Vineet,
    Yes, but why are studies only focused in these few areas?

    Nice article, though. What can you tell me about anthropological graduate schools and “no GREs”?!

  8. Ayub Y

    Hey storm,,i have a CGPA of 3.33 major in Information Systems Engineering, currently I’m looking for admissions in Canadian Universities with related fields of study; i didn’t take the GRE but still to take TOEFL exam i was wondering if you give me some clarifications on universities found in Canada that don’t require GRE as entry requirement, and list of universities that can accept me as per my profile. Thanks, i’ll be looking for your replay!!!

    • Hey Ayub.. most universities in Canada do not require GRE.. except for the top 3-4 universities like University of Toronto, UBC, McGill ‘n all… but the others simply mention ‘GRE is strongly recommended’. I suggest make a list of universities that say GRE is strongly recommended and those that dont mention GRE at all, then rank them ….. and then apply.. on the top of my head…for Computer Science and Information Technology the following dont require GRE although they may not mention it on their website… Dalhousie University, Acadia University, University of Saskatchwan, McMaster University, Memorial University, University of Regina, University of Geulph… if you could tell me what exact course you are looking at.. I could help you boil down to a better list. Hope this helped. Cheers, Vineet

  9. Jayhoon Jahish

    Hi, which university in US dose not require GER test for master of Urban and Regional Planning.
    Best regards

  10. rajesh

    Hi Vineet
    Question. My bro in law is in India and he has 16 years of education (but not continuous) 10+2+ 5years gap+3 years BCOM +5 years gap+2 Year MBA. Question is is he eligible for MS in US? secondly does he have to have any IT background to do MS

  11. sushant mishra

    IS their university which do not require GRE score for masters in MECHANICAL

  12. HEY HAI .



  13. Aadi

    Dear Vinit,

    I am master student at Germany, Doing masters in Electronics engg. and done bachelors in India (4/4 GPA), I want to pursue my another masters in CS/IT in Canada or US. As my bachelors is not in CS/IT, do you think it will be big problem for me to get admit? I can get two strong recommendations. Also, publishing research paper soon. Two years of technical experience (non-IT). And few NGO certificates. Please suggest me what should i do? thank you,

    • You absolutely can.

      Few universities in the US and Canada offer a separate stream of Masters for students without a CS background.
      Let me know if you have any more questions. Sorry for the delay in responding to your query.

      Good Luck.

  14. charu sharma

    Hi Vineet,

    My name is Charu. I have done engineering in computer science and also have two years of work experience in an IT firm. I am planning to go for masters from some foreign university as soon as possible. Is it possible to get a good unversity without giving gre but just ielts?

    I would look forward to your reply.


    • Hi Charu,

      If your priority is just to study abroad, then your best bet would be to apply to universities in the following countries –
      UK, Canada, Germany

      Let me know if you have more questions.


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