Uncharted – Drake’s fortune -PS 3 – puzzle walkthrough


If you have been playing this game for a while, then you know that the puzzles can keep you at a stand still for quite a while. Although, Drake has the clues written in his little battered diary, it is quite difficult to comprehend it at times. Since it’s the second puzzle in this awesome game, here is a little something to help you walkthrough and keep the adventure going. : )

Well, on the first page of the diary there are 4 figures: viz. Matthew, John, Luke, and Mark.

On the second page is a picture of a compass. Matthew is North, John is East, Luke is South, and Mark is West. On the floor, the West symbol is a O instead of a W. Don’t let that confuse you! That is not part of the puzzle!


 The north statue should face north, i.e it’s proper direction.

The east statue should face east, i.e it’s proper direction.

The other two are in the wrong spot.

Turn the south statue so that it’s faces west

The west statue so that it’s facing south.

At the end of it, when you stand at the center of the pillars, north and east statues have their backs turned to you.

The south statue will be turned to the right and the west statue turned to the left.

That’s it! You’re set!… :  )

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