Cocktail Making Courses

I was on the hunt for a fun short term course to do during my not-so-happenning weekends lately (Just started to work! 😦 ), and I stumbled upon a course in coctail making aka bartending. I thought to myself what better way to spend my time. The best chance for me to learn everything about the thing I love the most! Booze!! hehe 🙂

While I was at it (searching for courses), I was surprised to find a ‘degree’ program in Bartending. It’s now such a professional course, they even give out certificates after completion of the course, and sadly they also have exams. With exams as part of the brochure, I am beginning to have second thoughts on joining. 😛
It sure does sound like a serious program.
By the way, when you google “Bartending courses in Bangalore”, you will definitely find courses, but I noticed they are all over the place, very difficult to find! So I thought I’ll bring them all together at one place, here at my blog!
So, here goes the most relevant, recognized courses that I found.


Chaipatty, Bangalore, India

Chaipatty, an Art & Recreation based Creative Activity Hub where you will find niche & relatively unexplored activities like Photography, Dance, Bartending, Pottery, Horse riding, Short Film & Ad-making, Travel escapades etc

Professional Courses –
Christ University, Bangalore, India offers a certificate course in Bartending.

Tulleeho Bartending Academy
The Tulleeho Bartending Academy have 3 courses related to Bartending. They have a 1 day, 3 day and a 2 month certificate course to suit your needs. Find out more at the link above.

Liquid Arts Bartending Academy
Conveniently located in BTM Layout, you will always find a party happening around, where you can practice your bartending skills. Apart from certified courses, they organize weekend workshops on Mixology for people interested. To know more, head to their website.

PES (Peoples Education Society) Institute of Hotel Management
The Peoples Education Society’s Hotel Management Institue offers a certified program/course in Bartending / Cocktail Making and Bartending Management. Interesting huh? Bartending Management. Fancy!!:P

I wonder if these certificates are really valid in PUBS, coz’ all the Bartenders I know do not proudly display a certificate! It all depends on your reputation realy, which will build over a period of time. I can’t imagine someone enetering a BAR or a PUB with a certificate expecting to get a job! I guess at the end of the day, it all depends on how good you are in creating new intoxicating flavours. 🙂
All in all, it seems like a good short term summer course.

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6 thoughts on “Cocktail Making Courses”

    1. Hi Pravesh…please look at each website for more information… The links to the individual courses are provided in the post above! Good luck! Cheers!

  1. Hello,

    There are a few more training centres which offer certificate programs for people interested in gaining more knowledge & become a professional Bartender. Also there are weekend fun workshop on Mixology for people.

    Liquid Arts Bartending Academy is in BTM IInd Stage, Bangalore.
    Call me at 95356 16811 for details reg. various courses.

    I provide bartending services for parties, promotions, events, weddings & receptions..
    We have a numbers of private parties, events across Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg & Goa
    Visit our website at

    Safe & Responsible Drinking
    On The Rocks Bartending
    Mob: 95356 16811

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