Page Rank zero ? :o

                    Did your latest page rank make you feel horrible? Did you go excitedly to just to find out you were rated very low in the eyes of google and gang? Well here’s something to cheer you up. The page rank is not the only criterion the search engine algorithms have. There are various other factors. I know many fellow bloggers who have a low page rank but turn up high on search engines and have lot of traffic incomming. So don’t fret, keep those posts coming!

                     I don’t think a person should be concerned about his/her page rank but rather than concentrate on his/her ‘writting’. But sure, it’s always great to have a good rank, but it’s not the only thing your blog needs. For your blog/site to survive you have to provide content. ‘Coz it’s the writting that is gonna attract people, it’s the writting that is gonna keep people hooked. Not a page rank.

                    Don’t let a stupid number like a page rank, steal the passsion towards your blog. Continue what you were doing just the way you were doing. Coz’ nothing will make you happier than doing things in your space, your way.  Don’t change your style or your content, just to have a better page rank. The effort will be in vain, and is just not worth it. Google takes months to update pageranks, and they take almost forever to rank a new blog and I don’t blame them, there are thousands and thousands new subscribers everyday!

Just enjoy it till it lasts. Happy blogging!

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