.30-06 US / 7.62×63

.30-06 US / 7.62×63

This cartridge was born in 1906 as an evolution of the short-living .30-03 cartridge, that was originally adopted by US Army in 1903 with round-nose bullet. The .30 caliber M1906 cartridge, today universally known as .30-06, had slightly different case and, more important, it was loaded with pointed bullet. It served with US armed forces through both world wars and Korean war, and was gradually replaced in service with 7.62×51 NATO since 1957. It is still extremely popular worldwide as a hunting and target round, with new weapons (mostly bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles) and ammnuition being manufactured in many countries and in many styles.
Designation Bullet weight, g Muzzle velocity, m/s Muzzle energy, J Comments
ball M1 11.15 805 3610 with pointed boattailed FMJ bullet
ball M2 9.7 835 3390 with pointed FMJ bullet
AP M2 10.8 830 3730 with armor-piercing bullet

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