5.8×42 DAP-87

5.8×42 DAP-87

This is a relatively new cartridge, developed by Chinese experts during mid- to late 1980s. Today it is a main infantry cartridge in the PLA, which is chambered in assault rifles, light and universal machine guns and sniper rifles. For latter applications (machine guns and sniping) a long-range version was developed that features heavier bullet and higher pressure load. It is believed that this long range version might replace standard version as a general issue ammunition, which apparently displayed unsatisfactory medium- and long-range performance in PLA use.
Designation Bullet weight, g Muzzle velocity, m/s Muzzle energy, J Comments
5.8×42 DAP-87 4.15 790 1290 standard military ball bullet from carbine barrel
5.8×42 DAP-87 4.15 930 1790 standard military ball bullet from standard assult rifle barrel
5.8×42 DAP-87 5 895 2000 heavy ball from machine gun or sniper rifle barrel


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