7.92×57 Mauser

7.92×57 Mauser

Also Known as –
– 8mm Mauser
– 7.8X57
– 7.9X57
– 7.92X57
– 8X57

The high performance of the cartridge and the versatility makes it not very surprising when you hear that this piece of muzzle energy is adopted by the armed forces of various governments. It was developed by the German Army in 1888 and survived the WW-1 and WW-2 and fought many other wars for various countries. It is now being used for sport in most of the European countries for hunting etc. The bullet and rifles of this caliber is still in production till this date.

Place of Origin : Germany
Designer : German Rifle Testing Commission
Designed : 1888
Produced : 1888-present
Used by : Germany, Spain, Czechoslovakia, The Ottoman Empire, Turkey, Iran, China, and other middle eastern countries.
Variants : 8x57mm IR and 8x57mm IRS (rimmed)

Image :

Detailed Design :

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