A Robot developed just to replicate a human hug?!

C’mon! Initially robots/machinary were used just to make human life easy. Now, have we’ve become so lazy, so emotionless, so self involved, that we require a robot to give out hugs for us?!

Let me introduce you to ‘sense-roid’, who apparently stands with a sign saying “FREE HUGS!”. 

                            With this device it is actually possible to hug yourself. The sense-roid replicates the embrace with air compressors, through the silicon present in the jacket. Now, should we also buy a robot to say.. Excuse Me.. Thank you.. Good morning ? My point is, soon we will be downloading an app that says ‘thank you’ for you each time you buy your meal at TGIF. It would be convenient, wouldn’t it?  Have we human beings gotten’ so self indulged, emotionless to have the need to have robots give out hugs?

Although it has it’s few practical medical purposes, like it will be used in elderly care homes or in cases when the patient needs reassurance. Pathetic right? The true meaning of a hug is lost. But, I mean good in a way at least the needy get a hug. But it will be soon when conversations would sound like this-

Woman : “Oh darling, I’d love to hug you…”

Man : “Na, I’m cool.. this red button on my jacket does it for me.”

 “Oh, crap! .. the battery’s down!… “

Woman: “Oh, come here you…”

<hugs the man>

Man: “Eww! what was that?

Man: “I miss my jacket!”

<franticly searching for the charger>

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