Threat on Facebook?!

The notorious online self-proclaimed “good do’ers” have set their eyes on the popular social networking site, the Facebook.
Target Date : 15th November 2011
Reason : Accuses Facebook for selling information to the government.

Inspired by the movie V for Vendetta, the movie where a freedom fighter in a futuristic world known as V uses terrorist tactics to fight the oppressive society. This cyber-vigilant is not only animated in the mind but also in their ways of doing things…. Presenting to you – The “Anonymous.

You might think them to be a group of teenagers with an access to internet, but if you have look at their attack history, you will realize of how serious they actually are in what they are here to do. The “Anonymous” have been around since 2003, they started good, at one point looking to be the most powerful cyber-super hero, doing his work in the shadows, but in recent times, it turns out they are overwhelmed with power they have nurtured, they have realized the potential they have, the freedom to get what they desire has left them stomping the internet like they own it. They have turned into, in simpler terms, Cyber-monstors.
They have targeted (whether successfully or not is another story), but have managed to crash, hijack, threaten various governments, cause losses amounting to millions of dollars to several people from around the world.

You might want to take a peek into their long and dark past, and my, you will be stunned! Here are a few examples of why the “Anonymous” must be feared.

I’ve shortlisted the most interesting, and most controversial targets of the group, Anonymous.

Title : “Great Habbo Raid of ’06”
Target : Habbo social website
Reason : The raid actually predates and was not inspired by the news of an Alabama amusement park banning a two-year-old toddler affected by AIDS from entering the park’s swimming pool.
Style : Users signed up to the Habbo site dressed in avatars of a black man wearing a grey suit and an Afro hairstyle and blocked entry to the pool, declaring that it was “closed due to AIDS”.

Title : “Operation Chanology”
Target : Church of Scientology
Reason : A video produced by the Church, featuring an interview with Tom Cruise leaked to the Internet and uploaded to YouTube.
Style : Individuals claiming to speak for Anonymous announced their goals and intentions via a video posted to YouTube entitled “Message to Scientology,” and a press release declaring a “War on Scientology” against the Church of Scientology sparking protests all over the world.

Title : 2009 Iranian election protests
Target : Iranian Government, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Reason : Declaring Iran’s incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the winner of the elections with only 62% of the votes cast, making thousands of Iranians furious.
Style : Anonymous, together with The Pirate Bay and various Iranian hackers, launched an Iranian Green Party Support site called Anonymous Iran. The site has drawn over 22,000 supporters world-wide and allows for information exchange between the world and Iran, despite attempts by the Iranian government to censor news about the riots on the internet.

The latest being Facebook. But why would they publicize their threat and then attack, aren’t they giving facebook to make their security standards higher if it wasn’t high enough. Isn’t it giving facebook time to prepare for the battle? Will the Anonymous succeed? Well, it’s hard to guess.. only time will tell..

On a lighter note, don’t you think Mark Zuckerburg would have a back up of the site in his harddisk?! 😛
I’m sure it’s more complicated than that!

I am no facebook hater or anonymous supporter. I just want Anonymous to get through witth it. But, Imagine a world without facebook? I can’t! I simpply can’t! What will happen to all the points I earned in Texas Hold ’em up Poker? Mafia Wars?… omg…Who will feed my animals on farmville? : o



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