Space Hotel – Bookings open – 2012

Imagine packing your bags to go on a space trip! Amazing right. But sadly not many of us will have that unique opportunity to tell such a tale to our friends, coz’ the tariffs at this hotel is way off the charts…
Anyways, here’s a sneak peek into whats in store for the lucky few who manage to get themselves a ticket for a vacation in space!

Apart from world-class(or should I say galaxy/universe class!) facilities and the obvious stunning view of the earth from the huge windows of the spacecraft, visitors will have a unique opportunity to interact with passing astronauts. It’s planned to have  astronauts aboard the Space hotel in case of a crisis, according to the Daily mail.

Everything is not going to be the same in space! You will be asked the strangest of questions, like if you prefer to have your beds vertical or horizontal, No kidding !  Toilets will use flowing air instead of water to move waste through the system, according to Orbital Technologies who are responsible for the construction of this unique project. Showers will be sealed affairs to stop water going where it shouldn’t! Iced tea, mineral water and fruit juices will be available, but sadly alcohol is a strict no no, the dream of being drunk in space will still be a dream for a while.

Duration –
2 days in the shuttle+ 5 days at the space hotel
Cost –
£5,00,000 – Journey via a Soyuz rocket.
£1,00,000 – 5 day stay at the hotel
Grand Opening – 2016

The hotel’s prospective customers will obviously be the wealthy, people working for private companies who wish to do research in space, and also asrtonauts. This space hotel has the facility to provide rooms for astronauts aboard International Space Station if there is a crisis, rather than bringing them all the way back to earth. A small pitstop for the astronauts at the space hotel, until the mechanic fixes the spacecraft!

The Russians have done it again, this hotel will be located at orbit 217 miles up. Hats off!

image : source

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