The First of it’s kind – Vinoculars from SONY

The Omnioculars used by Harry Potter is called the Vinoculars in the ‘real’ world. Although, you won’t be able to watch the ‘Quidditch’ game with it, but you could always use it for birdwatching , watching a  horse race, cricket and even opera. How cool is that?

This time capturing video binocular device developed by the R&D team of Sony will come with a GPS device, aiming to help birdwatchers, give the exact location of the bird they spot! It will also be a treat for cricket viewers at the stadium, which will allow them to enjoy their own action-replays at live tournaments or test matches.

And the technology also allows music fans to record and watch concerts in 3D, while recording the sound in stereo! Find out more for yourself from this quite informative picture below –

Revolutionary: The time-freezing binoculars could completely change birdwatching, horse racing, cricket and even opera

The vinoculars could either mimic the behaviour of a traditional binoculars, or display live on high-definition screens in the eyepieces present in front, at the press of a button. In brief, the glasses in this hi-tech binoculars can record images either in ordinary video or in 3D, which can then be played back on a 3D television. Because they can record sound, birdwatchers will be able to capture birdsong and sports fans will be able to record the reaction of spectators. This device will go on sale in November of 2011, so keep a watch out.

Even though, the Vinoculars will be priced at a whooping £1,800, I think this baby is going to a big hit, not only amongst the Potter fans but also with professionals, who can take advantage of this technology.

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