To Bald or Not to Bald

Balding is not in our hands, the only thing in our hands is the decision we make now, that is, if you want to go for the bald look through out your life, or begin the hair recovery process now.
When you are in your mid-twenties and worried about your receding hairline, then you’ve got a big choice to make real soon.
The big question – To go Bald or not to?

What choice do I have?
At this stage, all I see is 2 options, a hair transplant, or a regular shave with your electric trimmer. Depending on your needs, bank balance, age you need make your choice. The choice is between balding gracefully or covering the patches with the help of hair transplant surgery.

I think, if you are comfortable with the way you are, don’t let a shiny head or a few jokes from your friends worry you. The best is to go bald fashionably. Yes, balding can be made fashionable. Take a look at Charles Barkley, Bruce Willis, Chris Daughtry, Jason Statham, Anupam Kher, Michael Jordan, Patrick Stewart, Vin Diesel. They all look pleasant, attractive, powerful, even manly if you may, when bald. You could either take that path, or follow Virender Sehwag, Wayne Rooney, Shane Warne into a clinic, although you might not get an advertising contract like them.

Good option. Will leave your hair looking full, but bank account looking empty.
Strip Technique – Older technique, might leave a scar if done badly, longer hair can be transplanted, hair does not need to be trimmed, a better option for women, men can’t do a crew cut as scar might be seen, comparatively cheaper, lesser hair can be transplanted in one session.
FUE Technique – Newer technique, lesser pain than Strip technique, more amount of hair can be transplanted in one session, hair needs to be trimmed, Will not leave a scar, Expensive, Less or no maintainance.
Difficult to maintain. Looks artificial in 90% of cases.


Before you make your decision, learn, about the pros and cons of each path. I chose hair transplant, as it suited me the most compared to all other options. I needed something that required the least amount of maintainance in time, as I know myself!

Do not get fooled by ads offering an unilimited helping of hair for Rs.75,000/- blah blah blah. Remember – It is not a buffet, it is a cosmetic surgery.

Sadly, there are no rules for who is eligible to perform a hair transplant operation, it is a surgery after all. That’s why opt for a plastic surgeon, and NOT a dermatologist.
Make sure the person you choose has enough experience, sometimes a dermatologist may be a better option if he has enough experience in the hair transplant business. Yes, I used the word, ‘business’, coz’ hair transplant today is a business.

Doctors are taking advantage of the growing number of balding, stressed out techies in the city. It’s spread like wild-fire, with small clinics sprouting, each boasting of having the cheapest hair transplant done, it won’t be long before you find a hair transplant clinic in every mall luring bald men.
The hair transplant process needs to be done by an experienced, patient, skillful plastic surgeon. Now, the next hurdle, where to find such a guy?


Well, I was at the same crossroad few months ago, when I finally decided to do a hair transplant, but didn’t know where to do it. Every time I read an ad, or an article (FYI, also an ad) in the paper, the process of hair transplant looked more like a scam, like a money making raquet.
I set out from home one early morning on a mission to find the most suitable place to do a hair transplant in the city. I visited around 8-9 independent dermatologists/ doctors (not on the same day :P) in Bangalore, you name it, Manipal hospital, Dr. Batra, Dr. Health, Dr. Abraham, Dr. Shahid Shamsher, Dr. Ramesh Babu, St. Johns Hospital, for their opinions on where to do my surgery, and after lot of thought and a lot of discussions and research, I’ve come up with the below list –

DHI Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad,Chennai,New Delhi Dr. Viral Desai Rs.170 – FUE method
Darling Hair Buds Chandigarh Dr. Tejinder Bhatti Rs.50 – strip method,Rs.70 – FUE method
Fortis Hospital Mohali Dr. K M Kapoor,Dr. AB Prabhu ?
AK Clinics Ludhiana, New Delhi Rs.45 – strip method,Rs.95 – FUE method

Here are the websites –

AK Clinics
Darling Hair Buds
Fortis Hospital

I ruled the others out on the following basis, places with only a dermatologist – out,
places that have the capability to perform the latest technique in hair transplant called the FUE – in,
doctor has worked in a reputed hospital – in,
are plastic surgeons – in.
I got the above four clinics in India.

image source – source

44 thoughts on “To Bald or Not to Bald”

  1. Listen, I stopped at Make an informed decision. All you have to know is bald men are sexy ! At least to 45 % of the women in this world. It is not your hair that will get the women or gain you respect from your peers it is confidence. Even if you are not confident, fake it. That is all you need. ALL YOU NEED

      1. Man, I wish you guys told me this a lil bit earlier.. 😛 just spent a bomb doing a hair transplant!!

        but I’m quite happy with it. : ) .. I’m 23 and I’m not ready to go bald..yet.. : P : )

        Thanks Sherry for stopping by. : )

    1. I am so happy to hear that you guys find Bald men sexy! hehe… : P

      … And, I think you really just gave the best advice -..
      “if you are not confident, fake it. ”

      thanks so much for the comment and the visit. : )

  2. The results of plastic surgery may not appear a lot different to those of us seeing the person who underwent the process. But the important part of the process is what it does for the person’s freedom to be who they really are.

    1. Yup… more than the outlook, I think cosmetic surgery only helps one boost their self-confidence.

      Thank you so much, souldipper for your views.

      Looking forward to more of your visists. : )
      Have a good day!

    1. Glad you think so… I just got mine done abt (exactly!) 2 weeks back, and quite happy about it. : )

      Thank you, for your inputs. : )
      Have a good day, Sir! And thank you for stopping by. : )

  3. What a thoughtful, info-packed post — I’m sure your male readers have all appreciated your research, whether they follow it or not. I’m anxious to read more of your posts — I’m going to have a digest delivered daily. Thanks — great info, comically written, really attractive post.

  4. Wow, I never thought about this. My brother went bald young, he just cropped what he had really short, it looks great. Another friend shaves his. My husband’s hair is thinning now, but he has huge ears so I can’t imagine him ever doing that. But, it’s the eyes I look at in a man, not his hair or anything else. The eyes are the doors to the soul, and no matter what any woman might say, in the end, it’s how you look inside that’s important.

    1. Wow! that was deep!

      “eyes are the doors to the soul, and no matter what any woman might say, in the end, it’s how you look inside that’s important ”

      very true.
      But I think at 22 and looking at your hair dissappear, it’s just impossible for it not to bother you.

  5. An impressive amount of research went into this posting SR. It’s a very individual and personal decision and if men opt for surgery, they should go for the best–you don’t want a botched job after all.

    I agree with some of the other ladies here who think that bald is attractive…and sexy–yes, it can be. But it’s the confidence and intelligence under that bald head that really makes the difference.

    I’m glad you skipped over the option to wear a hair piece. I can spot them a mile away because they always look artificial and ridiculous!

    Good luck to you.

    1. Totaly agree.. if you do plan to get a surgery done, get it from the best.

      .. I can’t believe ppl wear hair pieces .. coz there’s plenty of other options available…a wig sure does look ridiculous.

      really appreciate the comment. : ) Thanks Bodhirose(Jules). : )

  6. Wow, you hit a nerve with this one. I say . . . do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Sounds like you did your homework and you have the satisfactory results to prove it.

    Great writing and obviously good content.

  7. Hair transplant seems difficult but if its something that will bring you self fulfillment and peace of mind, go for it. As for shaving and going bald, some guys look cool in it and girls dig it. What matters is youre cool inside and confident.

  8. Well a lot of people just shave their heads. It will take some time to adjust but in the end you still look fine unless your head is abnormally huge. Great post.

  9. Why not go with a comb over?
    You could die your hair in different patterns, and then do the comb over in different arrangements to combine the patterns in new exciting ways!

  10. First things first..I LOVE JASON STATHAM 🙂
    very informative article i must say….specially the information chart you have posted.
    you know one can write a long essay on how baldness is no big deal ,its what you are inside ……but if someone is not happy about their looks be it baldness or facial hair or hair colour, nose …they will go ahead and spend whatever they can to make things lil better…
    having said that it really is what you do with your life and how you shape it up that matters 🙂

  11. As a former military man, I’ve grown so used to “buzzing” my head that I’ve pretty much kept it that way even after I separated. It’s grown out a little but not much, but since I’m used to extremely short hair anyway, I don’t think balding in time will effect me much.

    Good post!

  12. At least nowadays there are some bald role models, back in the 70s when I started losing my hair not so much. Even Connery, Sean Connery was still wearing a rug back in those days. But I toughed it out, never even thought about a rug or a ghastly combover. I kept it somewhat longish for a while, did the sensitive ponytail look, then I finally just got a trimmer and started cutting it short. Works for me.
    The good thing is it has never changed how I do with the ladies. I always struck out when I had hair so…no change.

  13. Don’t get a hair transplant. Just go bald! I’m a hot blooded woman and I would prefer a man who’s comfortable going bald to a man who spends lots of time and money trying to grow more hair. Woman are attracted to confidence, and hair transplants scream vanity and insecurity.

  14. Good post dude. At my age – i would nt care about my hairline, but at your, i would have been worried. So how much does it end up cost typically. The price you mentioned – is that for per strand?

    1. Firstly, thanks for the comment. : )

      The price I mentioned in the chart is per graft.
      Remember graft, follicle and a strand of hair are all seperate terms..
      Grafts contain folllicles…
      With the FUE method, and if done from a good place, you can expect 1-2 follicles from each graft. : ) So my guess is with each graft transplanted you can expect one or two strands of hair…

      Hope this helped. : )

  15. Thank you for visiting my blog. And accept my apology for taking so long to return it!

    This is meticulous research, Vineet! I am sure balding/bald men will appreciate it. But if they read the comments section here, they’ll realise that many women in fact find bald sexy. At any rate, confident is the sexiest. Great post!

  16. Totally impressed with the post. I live in the ME and the desalinated water here is not good for the hair. Result: More and more people esp men are going bald. Atleast 2 people I know have done Gulfgate[I’m sure u’ve hrd of them]. And there are a few researching….will forward ur post to them:-).

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