America rules the world… now the moon too?!

I read an article the other day that had me laughing really hard. It read NASA has apparently introduced a ‘no-fly’ zone over the moon-landing sites, and a ‘look-but-do-not-touch’ instructions for anyone approaching the artefacts left on the moon by Nasa’s astronauts. It brought so many thoughts to my head..


Anyone is not gonna’ be walking around the moon! It has to be a well-qualified astronaut who will obviously respect the artefacts lying on the moon, or may be a filthy rich billionaire, or a test subject monkey. Now explain to the arrogant billionaire or the excited monkey that he/she should not walk on any feet marks, and to not touch any of NASA’s things lying around. If the billionaire, is a son of a billionaire and not the one who actually contributed to any part of the billion, made by his father, he is ought to do somethin like that, coz’ that’s the only way he is gonna write his name in history! The man who allegedly wiped US’s print off the face of moon.


Did the US find oil in the moon? Otherwise why would they indirectly try to claim the moon theirs? If that was the case, they would probably be in the process of creating a space astro-terrorist group, ‘Ál-Space-K-da’ that would terrorize, shoot at any spaceship that comes close to the moon! That’s not too far away!… A war for the moon! I mean what gives them rights to create rules in space, it’s unclaimed free damn territory!


Or are they trying to cover something that never happened? I’m sorry, this had to come up in my head. The whole fake moon landing story is so amusing, that I sometimes wish the lies were true. But sadly, NASA’s given enough evidence to back their story up. But hey, wouldn’t the whole ‘one step for man..’ be actually be a crater after the spaceshuttle left? shouldn’t it be covered by moon sand by now? How heavy was Neil, to make an ever lasting foot print? Whatever may be the case, NASA’s request/demand has been noted, and I shall tell my wife and kids that we can’t go to the moon landing site this weekend, and will park my shuttle back into my garage.

Jokes apart, the article was a good read and all they are saying is that if you stop by in India, please don”t stub your ciggies on the Taj Mahal.

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17 thoughts on “America rules the world… now the moon too?!”

  1. I so needed to read something like this today! I’ve been far too serious, too full of myself, and I really needed to laugh. I am a lifelong fanatic about NASA and the moon, but this is really even too much for me! I’m looking forward eagerly to you future posts!

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed it. : )

      .. For a fan of NASA you took it pretty well.. 😛 : )
      ….jus so u know I’m crazy too over space stuff.

      Thank you so much for stopping by… have a good day! : )

    1. haha.. we wouldn’t know! 😛 may be there is.. hehe
      Thanks Tony Powers for spending time here… have a good one : )

    1. lol.. I won’t be surprised if that happens… 😛 hehe

      Thanks tasinator for your comment, and thanks for stopping by.. : )

  2. This is rich…have enjoyed your tongue-in-cheek take on this…which is definitely the only way to deal with it…
    Thank you for visiting my blog…look fwd to reading more of yours…

  3. Interesting thoughts. I shall go ahead and read this article you are talking about.

    And thanks for making me realize that artefacts is actually a valid spelling for artifacts. 🙂

  4. It’s warning for Sir Richard Branson!! He’s developed a way to fly to the moon! They don’t want him staking claim to anything because he’s got so much stinkin’ money he’ll probably try to buy it!

  5. Are there any resort fees to pay? 🙂 ……. thanks for dropping by my place ……… I have eventually got round to replying to you ……. must try harder (bit like my old school report) 🙂

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