VTU Transcripts made easy

You will be surprised how well VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum) is managing to give it’s thousands of ex-students their Engineering transcripts. If you have plans to go abroad for your higher studies some time soon, or planning to immigrate, then you will definitely need your “Official Transcripts” from your ex-university. And if it’s VTU, I just might be able to help you.

So here are a few things that you might find interesting

What are Official Transcripts exactly?  You’ve got all your semester marks cards. You have your final year degree completion certificate. Then what the hell is a transcript? The transcript will contain all your marks from all the semester in a single sheet, with a small indicator at the corner of each semester table, showing the number of attempts you had for that semester. It’s basically for the University that you are applying to, to have a general idea of how the rating system was at your previous university. Coz’ each university has their own way of grading students, like the GPA, Percentage, Percentile (Yes, it’s different from Percentage!), Grades, Levels, Marks etc. It can get quite confusing for the university you have/will be applying to, to compare students. The transcript will tell the university how exactly to interpret these marks.

What do they mean by ”Official”? You will receive your transcripts in envelopes, which are sealed and signed by the VTU Registrar on the flap, to show that no one has tampered with the marks. For example, if you have requested for 15 copies of Transcripts. You will receive 15 transcripts in sealed, signed envelopes + 1 additional unsealed transcript copy (without an envelope) for you to know the contents of the other envelopes you just received. The 15 sealed, signed envelopes will remain as your Official Transcripts until you break the seal. Refrain from opening them.

What do they look like inside? .. It is exactly like the extra copy that you get along with your sealed transcripts. If you haven’t applied or seen one yet, here’s a sample of my VTU transcript just so you know what to expect.

VTU Transcript Page 1 of 2
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VTU Transcript Page 2 of 2
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How do I get my Transcript from VTU? The answer to this question depends on how soon you need them. Coz’ there are 3 ways in which you may obtain your Official VTU transcript –

For this you will need to go to VTU, Belgaum.
Step 1: Reach Belgaum by 9:00 a.m on a day except Sunday and National Holidays.
Step 2: Take an auto (costs Rs. 150) or Bus (quite frequent) from the railway station to the VTU ofice.
Belgaum Address:
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Belgaum, “Jnanasangama”, Matchhe, Belgaum – 590 018, Ph : 0831-249 8197
Try to reach by 10:00 a.m
Step 3: Once you reach, If you haven’t made your DD yet, there is a national bank bang opposite the VTU Transcript office in VTU campus. It opens at 10:30. Try and get it done as soon as possible.
If you already have a DD ready with you, order a hot tea and an Aloo Bonda (very tasty) from the Canteen just adjacent to the Bank, as you have enough time.
Step 4: After your tea, cross the road. Go to the first floor. Fill out an application form handed out by the receptionist.
Step 5: Submit the xerox copies of all your markscards + Application Form + DD.
Step 6: You’re work is done.
Now, all you have to do is – wait! Simply roam around the campus or take the next bus to the ‘city’ (half hour by bus), eat at a good restaurant.
Step 7: Return by 04:00 p.m to collect your transcripts.
Step 8: There you are! Return to wherever the hell you came from, on the same day.

Vineet’s Tip: Try and submit your application by 11:00 a.m to expect your transcripts on the same day.
Vineet’s Tip: Avoid the autos, they will scam you into staying in a hotel, waiting charge, food etc. The bus is quite convenient and reliable.

Option (b) WITHIN 4 WORKING DAYS (Submit and Collect from VTU, Regional Office)
VTU has opened Regional offices, in other cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Gulbarga etc, for the convenience of current/ex-students
Step 1: Reach the closest VTU Regional Office by 11:00 a.m


Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Bangalore, RHCS Layout Annapoorneshwarinagar, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore-560091
Ph : 080-23181188

Alternate Number : 080-23016694
Mysore (They don’t have this facility yet)
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Mysore, Hanchya Sathagally Layout, Ring Road, Mysore – 570 019.
Ph: 0821-2570012
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Gulbarga
Ph : 08472-25 6155

Step 2: Fill out the application form provided by the receptionist, if not already done.
Step 3: Submit your xerox copies + 1 DD + 1 App form.
Step 4: Done! Come back to the same place after exactly 4 working days (exclude Sundays and National holidays) to collect your Official Transcripts. Voila!

Step 1: Get all your documents ready to submit i.e DD , Application form, Xerox of all your markscards.
Step 2: Write a letter to the VTU, Registrar requesting for a Transcript.
Sample Letter :  Sample Letter Download

Step 3: Buy an envelope and shove all the documents stated in Step 1 and Step 2 into it and address it to –
The Registrar(Evaluation)
Visvesvaraya Technological University
“Jnana Sangama”, Machhe Belgaum: 590 018
Step 4: Send this package my post.
Step 5: Now, you play the waiting game! You will receive your transcripts by snail mail in 15-20 days time.
Vineet’s Tip : Do make sure you mention your current address in a legitimate manner.
Vineet’s Tip : Send it by Speed Post.

Here’s a sample of how your letter will look like –

VTU Official Transcript Envelope Side 1
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VTU Official Transcript Envelope Side 2
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To make your life easier, make sure you have the following ready well before hand-

1. Xerox copies of all your markscards

2. A filled out Application Form (available at http://vtu.ac.in/pdf/circulars/atten1.pdf )

3. A DD from a national bank in favour of “Finance Officer, VTU Belgaum”, with an amount of

Rs. (250 + (n-1) * 150) , ‘n’ being the number of transcripts.

(You’re an engineer you can figure that out!)

Well, all that’s left to say is “Good Luck on your applications!” : )

And Happy Studying in the near future, and please support me by liking my facebook page (can be found at the end of this page). Cheers!

References : http://www.vtu.ac.in/

215 thoughts on “VTU Transcripts made easy”

  1. Thanks for the info. So “this” is the registrar office that they opened up in mysore last year I guess. Now I know where to find it. Nice post 🙂

  2. Thank you very much Storm Rider for all the information that you have provided, much appreciated, here is my question, you have mentioned that after we make the request for the no of transcripts, we get those many envelopes, which are sealed from the university, now when we apply for overseas universities (UK, USA, AUS etc etc) do we need to send the envelopes that we have with us(un-tampered ones) or do we need to request the university (VTU) to send those to the destination university (where a candidate is applying) because many universities now a days avoid involving the student interaction because of they fear (mal-practice), they ask the home university to directly send the transcript to them without involving the student.

    Please correct me if I am wrong as this is very important for me as of now, because of this confusion I am unable to apply for overseas universities, I dont have much visibility on this and if you can rectify this?

    Once again thank you very much for your help and all the advise MUCH APPRECIATED.

    1. Hi there! I know most of the universities mention in their website that the transcripts has to be sent directly from the university…But do you think VTU is going to go through all that trouble?! 😛 No! Even I had that confusion when I was applying this year… But then I spoke to the universities that I was applying to …

      Trust me… No matter how strict the university sounds on their website about VTU sending the transcript on their own from their side, directly. They are totally cool with you sending it, as long as it is sealed and has a legible sign on the flap.

      Well, all you have to do is dump 1 or 2 (as many mentioned in the Application Checklist of the univ that your applying to) un-opened, sealed, signed-on-the-flap transcripts in a strong, netted A3 size envelope, along with your other stuff like copy of your complete application, copy of your SOP, copy of your latest Resume/CV, copy of your application fees receipt..etc and send it to the Graduate Office!

      And btw if you are still unsure (or whenever you are unsure about how to do certain things in your application) you can always send out a mail to the graduate director / graduate assistant. They mostly respond on the same day and are usually very kind, understanding and helpful.. Otherwise you may also post your queries here. : ) I’ll be happy to help… : )

      You might find this same kind of problem when coming to your reference letters as well…. If your referee is doing your reference online then you will be fine. But if your getting a hard copy done then even if the University website says that they want it from your professor directly or that it should be done online only. They accept a reference letter when put a envelope, the flap glued, and then the professor/referee signs on the flap to prove it is un-broken. He may then mail you the reference letter and you dump it in your application package (that A3 size envelope) and submit it.

      Hope this helped! : )
      And good luck on your applications!! : )

      1. Hi Storm Rider,

        We had a conversation sometime back in the month of May’12. I guess now are you in abroad pursuing your education. I hope you are liking it.

        I have few more questions for you, I am aware of getting the transcripts in engineering, I would like to know if you know how to get transcripts for students who have studied diploma.

        I have completed my Diploma and would like to know if you know how to get transcript from university/college.

        I would also like to know if there are any issues for students who have completed diploma and engineering and who wants to pursue masters program.

        This is being a pain in my tush, I need to get an response. any information you provide is much appreciated.

        All the best for your studies.

        Awaiting response.

        1. Hi Ut,

          Very sorry for such a late response. Not sure if this information is still relevant. But, I suspect the process to get your transcripts for diploma is the same. Please try and call VTU Belgaum Office to confirm this (if you get through the line that is though :P). Here’s the number – Ph: +91 831 240 5458.

          Regarding your worry of having a diploma first before your engineering degree and whether it will affect your higher studies in any way. The simple answer is No! : P : ) Although this may vary from case to case, but as far as I know, Universities/Colleges abroad do not look at your marks, and from where you have done it. But rather see your interest in the subject, community service, and passion for what your are doing. So Good luck. Let me know how it goes. All the best!

      2. Hi Vineet,
        You have done a great job by providing this extremely useful information specially for all the Ex-VTU students like me …… thanks .

  3. Hey that was a real gud insight on the transcripts. Thanks a lot 🙂 However, had a question for you, hope u would be able to help me out. I have done my MBA from VTu and am currently in US. So can my parents ( Back in India ) apply for the Official Transcripts on my behalf by post ( 3rd option )? If Yes, Can you please let me know the procedure to be followed for the same. Also can I give my overseas address as my current address ( for them to send the trnascripts ) ?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Ashwini…. Since you’re abroad and will not be able to personally go to the VTU Regional Office to apply and collect your transcripts. The third option (by snail mail) seems perfect. Well, all you need to do is send the following in a thick envelope (BY SNAIL MAIL ONLY. NOT COURIER.) –
      1. A letter stating your USN number, no. of copies of transcripts, DD number, Address (your parents address. the one in India) (Sample : https://theconfusedgraduate.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/vtu-transcripts-made-easy/new-opendocument-text/)
      2. The Actual DD with the amount (Rs. 250 for the first, Rs. 150 for each additional), all in favor of “Finance Officer, VTU Belgaum”.
      3. Xerox copies of your markscard (Please note – According to VTU the xerox copies are NOT required. But I suggest to send them just to be on the safer side.)

      You’re set! Mention “OFFICIAL TRABSCRIPTS” on top of the envelope.
      The transcripts will reach your address in India within 20 days time…
      Your parents will then need to courier them to you.
      Hope this helped. : )
      Hey, do let me know if you need further clarification on something…

  4. Hey Vineet,
    I finished my engineering this june. And so, i dont have my 8th sem marks card yet. So, i wouldnt have 8th sem marks card xerox. But in my transcripts I want marks of all 8 sems together. Hope you got me. Is there any way out ??

    1. Hey Madhav …

      As long as your 8th semester results are out, you may apply for your VTU Transcripts…..

      As I mentioned in my post, you DO NOT need xerox copies of your 1st – 8th sem markscards any more.

      But if you are adamant on applying with xerox copies of all your semesters and feel safer that way, I suggest, take a print out of the 8th sem marks from the VTU Results website and apply for your transcripts..

      I hope this helped, and I hope I answered your question. : )
      Good luck, Madhav.

      Have a good one,

      1. Hey,
        Instead of sending marks card of 8th sem, i sent them a printout of my result online..:-)..and they said that they dont have any prob with that :-)..now waiting for transcripts :-)..Thanks, now I can apply to universities early..

        1. That’s great! 🙂 .. glad it worked out for you, Madhav. 🙂
          Hope you get your transcripts real soon. And good luck on your university hunt.

          Do stop by to say Hi when you can. : )

  5. Hey there,
    Dhiraj here,

    I stay and work in Bangalore. Is it absolutely necessary to collect the transcripts in 4 working days. Or if say I submit it on one Saturday, can I collect it the next saturday ?

    Stupid question I know but Indian universities and bureaucracies can make life difficult.

    1. Hello Dhiraj.. 🙂 I suggest try collecting it on the 4th day if you can, coz as you said some ppl just try n make things difficult… : P : )

      … They keep the transcripts that they receive from VTU, Belgaum in drawers behind the reception, and in quite a orderly fashion. 7 days is not too long.
      I’m sure they’ll keep your tracsripts for a week at the VTU, Bangalore office.

      Just to be on the safer side, while submitting your transcript application, just inform them that, you’ll be back after a week to collect it.

      Hope this helped.
      Good luck.

      1. thank you vineet.
        I guess I will get the draft done today and go to the vtu bangalore regional office next week. (I Will need to have a two hour head start to reach the regional office before 11, if you know the bangalore traffic) And since Oct 2 is a public holiday , the saturday after shall be the 5th working day.
        Thanks again

        1. haha… ya I know b’lore traffic.. it can get crazy at times! But this is kinda on the highway so …
          Ne ways.. Good luck mate. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 Do tell us how everything goes.
          Hope to see you here more often. 🙂

  6. hi.. I had sent all the required documents to get my official transcripts on August 30th. But i Still haven’t received my transcripts. They aren’t responding to my calls either… What should i do?

    1. Hi Kishore! This happened to my friend too. If you need your transcripts in a hurry, since a deadline is nearing or things like that… I suggest, forget about the money and time spent while applying for the transcripts by mail.
      Take the next bus to Belgaum, and get it done the same day.
      There might have been a screw up in the mail, or god knows what. There is no point trying to follow up with VTU with the status. It will only annoy and trouble your mind.

      If it’s really important and urgent, GO TO VTU BELGAUM now!
      If you have lil time on your hand, head to one of the VTU Regional Offices, in Bangalore, Mysore or Gulbarga and get it done.

      Hope it works out for ya. 🙂
      Cheers and good luck,

      1. thanks for the reply… Anyways after more than a month, finally i received my Transcripts. The only good thing about it was the packaging 🙂

  7. Hey 🙂 I am in my 7 sem and I need the official marks card for the first six sems….the problem is I don’t have My sixth sem marks card…. My marks on the website need correction because of revaluation….what am I supposed to do?

  8. Hi Vineet

    I need my MBA transcript from VTU for my CPA exam application. As per the CPA Borad, the transcript must be sent directly by the University. The Board is in IL, USA. How do I proceed. Please help me.


    1. Hey Anil .. As I mentioned in the post.. Although they ask you to request VTU to send the transcript directly to them. That is not gonna happen.

      The CPA Board at IL, USA will accept your transcript if it is in an untampered, un-opened, sealed envelope and also has the signature of the VTU officer on the flap.

      Hope this helped.
      Good luck. : )

  9. thanks 🙂 but that doesn’t clear my doubt completely, i’m going to the regional office only, so in the DD the payable field should be ‘belgaum’ only right?

    1. Hello Hari… Sorry I took time to respond…
      Well, this procedure I wrote is only for VTU students.. but the Bangalore University rules are not very different..I asked a friend.. he says.. all you have to do is collect an application form from your college, fill it up, write a covering letter requesting for a transcript, attach all xerox copies of your marks card, a passport size photograph, and a DD in favour to the “Finance Officer, Bangalore University”. The DD amount is Rs 350 for every transcript you want. Get your application form signed by the current principal of your college and submit all the documents mentioned to the Bangalore University main office. You should get your transcripts within 2 weeks.
      Good luck.

  10. Storm Rider (ThE cOnFuSeD gRAdUaTe). Your not confused. Your very clear in your thoughts. Awesome post. I owe you. Thank you so much. Illustration with the pictures really helped me a lot.:) Bro some universities ask individual marks cards and PDC. Please let me know the procedure of getting those stuffs…

  11. Will the nationalized bank near the VTU office be open on Monday?
    Usually some banks will be open on Sundays and take weekly off on Mondays.

    1. Hey Vinay… sorry for responding so late… I am sure by now you would have already found out… they are opened on Mondays. But to make sure give them a call before. Or even better, try getting your DD made out in advance, it’ll save you the trouble of finding out. hehe. Cheers.

  12. Today i had gone to Mysore VTU regional office. They said that they do not have the facility of getting transcripts in 4 days. It is yet to be made in Mysore. So now i am gonna need to go to Bangalore.

  13. Hi Vineet,
    I had a backlog in 7 th semm and i gave the paper in 8 th semm but didnt collect the marks card.Before applying for the transcript do i need to get that marks card from the college or can i only submit the rest of marks card xerox and ask university to get the backlog marks included in the transcript.

    1. Hey there Mickey… sorry for taking so long to respond.. You do not need to collect your previous markscard in order to apply for your transcripts.. you may apply directly.
      VTU has stopped asking for xerox copies of semester marks card. You don’t need em.

      You may directly apply for a transcript and collect your markscard from college whenever you feel like it. : )

  14. Hi. Thank you for this invaluable info. But one question. Should the photocopies of marks sheets that need to be submitted be attested by my college ?

  15. Is it possible to get the transcript before completing be …i am currently in 7th sem but am applying for universities now (fall 2013) and so need transcripts… So will i get a transcript containing first 6 sem marks in it

  16. Hi Storm Rider a small correction.
    Deepak janardhana you can get transcripts till 6th sem. I myself got it. I too am pursuing 7th semester right now. I think Storm rider has confused between Transcripts and PDC.
    PDC thing you won’t get it till you complete all 8 semesters.

  17. Thanks for a simple brief explanation of the process. Just one doubt, if u have a single subject back . Is it a good option to first get a consolidated marksheet for that semester and then apply for transcripts? or Can it applied simultaneously?

  18. Hello Storm Rider.. You have spoken about transcripts but what about photo copies of the eight marks cards. I am in UK applying for college in US. The US college has asked for semester marks cards attested by the university and sent. Could you please let me know the procedure to do this.

  19. Hi Storm Rider,
    That was an awesome post! Thanks a ton. I live in the US and need my transcripts ASAP. two quick questions for you.
    1. using option 2, will my friend be able to collect it within 4 days behalf of me?
    2. or If Option 3 is my only choice, should I ask somebody in Bangalore to take a DD and post it?

    Appreciate your response.

  20. Storm Rider,
    One quick question on the same topic. I am residing abroad, so are my parents and am coming to Bangalore for 2 days. I thought i will apply for my transcripts in those 2 days at the VTU regional office Bangalore. Now my question to you is “If i apply for my transcripts and it comes after 4 days and iam not there to collect it can i leave an authorization letter with one of my friends to collect it on my behalf????

    1. You absolutely can.. you might want to write a letter of authorization and hand it to the person who is picking up the transcripts on your behalf. ..Cheers! Have a good day! : )

  21. hey!! I’ve not heard of the regional center in Mysore.. are you sure that they provide the transcripts and other documents in Mysore itself???

    1. Hey Spoorthi.. I have sent you an e-mail informing you that the Mysore Regional office do not have the facility to give out transcripts as yet.

      Also, I am not very sure what you mean that ‘you haven’t heard from VTU, Mysore’.

      Because, if you applied via the snail mail method, you should have sent out your application to VTU, Belgaum and not the Regional center at Mysore as mentioned in the post.

      Good luck ! Let me know if you have more questions…


  22. hey i have doubt, while applying for any exams, just percentage is asked, so should we enter the aggregate when it is not specified or we should enter the percentage for which final degree is given (5-8th sem) . do let me know please, as i was looking for a genuine answer. thank you

  23. Fantastic Job here, you are going to go places guy. Your communication is brilliant.Thanks for sharing this information.All the very best for your future you will do very well in whatever you do.

  24. Hello Vineet, thanks for such a detailed explanation.
    I have question – is there any way that I can get the VTU syllabus for year 2000 to 2004 (Instrumenation) from VTU. I am a 2004 engg graduate and planning to write my professional engineer board exam in Texas, USA. Any help is highly appreciated.

  25. Hi.. I am currently in US and i need my transcripts from VTU. I have digitally signed the application and asked my brother to give it in the VTU regional office blore along with the DD. Do i need to give the authorisation letter also? and will this thing work out if i have not signed it by myself. i don’t know how to go about it. Please guide me.

  26. Hi Vineet!!!!
    I found this section very informative and useful. Thanks a ton!!!!
    I stay abroad and want to apply for my transcripts and get them as quickly as possible. Hence, is there a way that, I can authorize someone to sign and submit the application on my behalf.

    Thanks in advance for your quick reply 🙂


  27. Educational credential assessors such as WES and ICAS Canada require that official transcripts be mailed directly to their Canadian address. Any idea what I need to do to request for the same from VTU? Appreciate your help on this.

    1. Update: I finally got someone at VTU office on phone. There is Rs 1000 extra fee for transcripts to be sent to a location abroad. An application needs to included for the same along with a letter sized envelope bearing the abroad address.

      1. Hey even I want to send the transcripts to Canada, but how can I track the VTU transcripts, of its received at Canada or not?? Please advise.

  28. Hello Vineet
    Please change the pincode in the sample letter 590014 to 590018!!
    I saw that mistake only after sending the letter and putting that address with pincode 590014 on the envelope :(.
    Else your blog is excellent. Please do change else the others will do teh same.
    Thank you

  29. hi Bob,
    i am currently pursuing my engineering 3rd year, my query is that i am going to apply for MS in US for 2014 fall, will vtu provide transcript from 1 to 6th sem ,plz reply me

    thanks in advance

  30. hey
    i got my degree certificate stating that i completed the degree after one year of my bachelors completion. Is there any way to correct it as Iam losing one year of my experience because of that

  31. Thank you for the information. I was trying for get this information by making calls to head office VTU but nobody picks up the call.

  32. Hi,
    Can you please help me on how I can get transcripts to be sent to an address abroad directly from VTU? In cae we can how many days will it take VTU to send the transcript?

    1. Hey Anamika… According to one of the comments above someone did manage to get it sent abroad – see a comment made by amiyaaloke June 26, 2013 at 6:37 am
      “Update: I finally got someone at VTU office on phone. There is Rs 1000 extra fee for transcripts to be sent to a location abroad. An application needs to included for the same along with a letter sized envelope bearing the abroad address.”

      so I am not sure… but all I can suggest is request a friend or a relative to collect the transcripts on your behalf by either of the approaches mentioned above (you might need an authorization letter if they are collecting it personally). And then your friend/relative will have to courier the transcripts to you. Hope this helps.
      Good luck, Anamika. Cheers,

    1. Hi Sangeeta, the transcript fees doesn’t change no matter which method you choose. It still remains..
      Rs. (250 + (n-1) * 150) , ‘n’ being the number of transcripts, as mentioned in the post above.
      Prepare a DD from a national bank in favor of “Finance Officer, VTU Belgaum”, with the amount. Good Luck!

  33. Hi.. thank for the information.i got one small doubt.i am done with applying for transcript n also received it.i am applying for universities abroad.while applying do v need to send original transcript of a copy of it?The problem which had arrived is that i had applied for only 1 transcript.help me out with this.

    1. Hi Kaushik.. I recommend that you apply for more transcripts from VTU. Most universities will want the transcript envelope sealed, so that they know it hasn’t been tampered with. In the meantime you may also check each university’s admissions page to make sure if they don’t mind being sent a copy of your transcript.. if your running out of time you can send an e-mail to the university that your applying to. Don’t hesitate to contact them. Inform them that your official transcripts will be late and that you will send the remaining documents before the deadline. Hope this helped. Good luck!

  34. HI Storm Rider. ,
    thanks for a a valuable input you have given here. i have sent my transcripts following your posts on 20th november via DTDC and i tracked it to have reached belgaum on 22nd november. At present i am in waiting game . its already 15 days yet I havent received any. (i am in Haryana) is thereany way to trace or track if they have already dispatched transcripts

  35. Hello,
    A quick question. I received my transcripts in 2011. Are they still valid, If I have to send them to various universities now?

  36. Hey , i have a question , i am put up in qatar and i need to apply for a consolidated mark sheet ( All sems in one) . I called VTU and they told me a DD of 500 RS is needed along with the 8th sem markscard.

    I just cant find the form they say is in the website. Kindly help me in getting it,

    Clayton Braggs

    1. Hi Dude, 1 qq, can i mail the DD , xerox marks card & Forms to Bangalore Regional office to get the Transcript instead ofg going there personally??

      1. As far as I know, the Regional Office will not be able to do that, as they themselves send stuff to Belgaum to get the Transcripts. I suggest you send the DD, application form to the Belgaum office. Hope this helps. Gl.

  37. Hey Vineet,
    I have applied for transcripts by post, but have not attached a letter to the registrar; is this a problem? Its been more than 15 days since i sent thru speed post, yet I haven’t received it. Also I have been trying to call all the numbers mentioned in the website, no one answers :-O
    Please let me know, what else I can do to get the transcript. If I visit Bangalore regional office, will they be able to tel me what is the status?
    Please let me know what to do, I am worried as I need to apply to the universities.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Hi Anisha.. I am not sure if VTU will attest your markscard. But I am certain that the college that you studied in will be able to attest your marks cards…. send that along with your VTU Transcripts. Hope this helps. Gl.

  38. Hi Storm,

    Thanks a lot for making things easy for us.

    I have my transcript form from my future university that needs to be filled up by the registrar of the university, will this happen and how to go about it, if you could help would be very grateful.

    Thanx a lot …..

    1. Hey Pradeep.. I am not sure if VTU will do that. But the college that you studied in will be able to fill it up and attest it. Send that along with the VTU transcripts that you get, in your application bundle. In the meanwhile also send an e-mail to your future university, informing them of the same. Lets see what they reply. Hope this helped. Cheers and good luck!

  39. i had apply for transcript on 4th feb, in vtu regional office ,bangalore, today 10th feb. still staff are sayin it hasnt arrived . they are telling me to come on 17th feb… does it take 13days for transcript in submiting in regional office? i need transcript urgently.. they are not understanding my problem.. can u suggest me any idea that i can get my transcript from regional offcie?

  40. Hi storm,

    Thanks for sharing information. I would like your advise on this . i live in canada and need the transcripts from my college. i studied in rv college bangalore. i don’t have first to 7 semester marksheets . i have the 8th semester marksheet & final degree certificate. where can i get the transcripts and marksheet. since i live in canada can my parrents apply on my behalf?
    is it possible to apply for my marksheets from vtu directly or through the college?
    Please advise & thanks .

  41. Hello vineet

    Thanks a lot for your info. I finished my BE from one of bangalore college 7 to 8 years back. Now i have only my final marksheet. i live in US now. Do i have to apply for the remaining semester marksheets in VTU or my college?my college is affilated to vtu. also i need to get the transcripts .can i send dd from here in foreign currency or i can ask my parents to take it on my behalf. please advise. thanks once again.

  42. My 2nd sem marks card burnt because of house fire. Can I get a duplicate of that marks card by applying at the regional office instead of applying through college??

  43. Hi, i see that they give a consolidated transcript , is it possible to get individual transcripts ??
    if not is the consolidated transcripts valid enough for WES ??

  44. Hey Vineet,
    I have sent DD to VTU belgaum by courier on 24th July still I have not received the transcript. Thinking it will get further delayed I sent another DD to Bangalore address, but they are saying they have not received it.. however courier status is delivered. I am really facing hard time with VTU. Now only choice is to go to Belgaum. Please advise if i can still wait ? I need the transcripts urgently, max by next week.


    1. Hi Deepak.. If you need your transcripts by next week.. your best bet is to catch a train to Belgaum and get it done.. (Btw I don’t think the Bangalore center accepts applications by courier/mail.. they only accept applications when given in person.. that may be the reason why you haven’t heard from them even though the courier status shows delivered. And for the courier you sent to Belgaum, that might be in process, but no guarantee of that) where do you stay? I suggest going personally to Belgaum.. make sure that you reach there in the morning (go through my post again Belgaum section) to save yourself from waiting another day in Belgaum. It’s a 1 days job.. let me know if you have any questions.. Cheers! Good luck!

      1. Thanks for your response.. I am in Hyderanad and catching the bus tonight for Belgaum.. will reach there by tomorrow early morning… I have gone through your post on Belgaum section… will post my experience on my return.

          1. Hey Vineet..
            My apologies for late response… It is a very smooth and easy process… All required is to reach there by on time before 10:30 and wait till 4:00 PM to collect the transcript… everything as you have described above.
            Also as i said I had applied via post and on reaching there I came to know that they encashed the money from draft some 20 days back and have not dispatched the transcripts.. so i collected those copies as well..
            My suggestion would be to go Belguam and collect the transcripts in stead of endless wait for the post..
            At the end i would say that this blog was a real help and i appreciate your timely response.
            Thanks a lot…

  45. Hi,
    I obtained VTU transcripts and applied to universities in US. But now the universities are asking for individual marks cards attested by Registrar or Controller of Examiners.
    1. Is there any way i can get it done instead of travelling to Belgaum.
    2. Or should i apply for consolidated marks card of each semester (Rs 300/- each).

    1. My friend had the same question. I told her to go to her College with all the photocopies of her marks card, and get it stamped by the college saying it is a true copy. Use that to apply to the universities in the US, and when you do so, you should also ask the same questions to the university that you are applying to. They will be more than happy to help and usually respond to e-mails on the same day or next. I hope this helps. Cheers. Gl.

  46. I have completed my M.Tech last year from VTU & applying for P.hD in US universities this year.Since Official transcripts are compulsory I will be applying very soon.Few colleges in US have mentioned that they we need to send Transcripts in a sealed envelope with the university stamp through a courier which should not be a problem.But in some colleges they are asking to upload the transcripts online,how do i do that? Do I open 1 of the sealed envelope which I will get from VTU & scan that & upload it online or is there any otherway?

    1. Hi Pranav,

      When you apply for transcripts, VTU sends along 1 extra unsealed copy without an envelope. You may scan and upload that. If you haven’t received that or have misplaced it. I suggest opening up one envelope and scanning it. Hope this helped. Good Luck! – Vineet

  47. Hi, I’m in 7th sem and planning to apply for fall 2015. So while applying, I won’t be having my 7th and 8th sem marks.. Is that okay?

  48. Hi, I’m in 7th sem and planning to apply for fall 2015. So, I will not be having my 7th and 8th sem marks while applying. Is that okay? I’ll still get the transcripts..Right?

  49. Hi, if i request for 4 transcripts, will each of them be put and sealed in a different envelop by VTU? I need to apply to 4 different universities for MBA. Kindly share you experience.

  50. Hello!
    I wanted help in determining the documents that needs to be mailed to the university graduate office. The university site is not helping my case. I got my transcripts and LOR’s ready to be send.
    Also regarding the degree certificate they have asked for an attested document. Please help!

    1. Hi Jacob.. If the university site doesn’t have much informatiom. Send an inquiry to their office, I am sure someone will respond. If you have the time, and if your college is in the same city (or close by), go to your college with a photocopy of your degree certificate, and request your department to attest it as a true copy. If not, you may get it attested by any authorized local gazetted officer (every city has a few people assigned as gazetted officers).

      As long as the university that you are applying to, thinks that the photocopy is authentic. (This is my opinion. This comment is not accurate, and is only a suggestion.)

      Good luck, Jacob!

  51. Firstly, You are doing a great job. You started thread in Feb 2012, And this being such a useful info, people like me are able to use it even now (close to 3 yrs). Best part is you are still responding to each and every query.. Hats off buddy ! !

    My question: My wife needs Transcripts from VTU (for MCA), so can I go to Belgaum and get transcripts or they require the applicant to be present in person (to sign infront of them)?? Please throw some light… a bit urgent.


    1. Thanks Ram, for your kind words and your support. Unfortunately, I do not know too much about VTU transcripts for MCA. But I can only guess that the procedure is the same and if it is, you may get a letter from your wife, saying that you will be submitting (or collecting) the application form on her behalf. Although I do not think VTU will make an issue if you apply, without her being present. I can just imagine them just collecting the application from you and telling you to come at so and so time. But to be on the safer side, go with the letter. Can’t go wrong with that. Hope this helps. Gl. Cheers! Also, try and call VTU Belgaum Office before you leave, to confirm this (if you get through the line that is though :P). Here’s the number – Ph: +91 831 240 5458.

      1. Hi Vineet, Thanks for a quick response. Everything was as smooth as butter.. 🙂 I got the transcripts, the procedure is same for all courses offered by VTU.

        I Appreciate your sincere efforts in knowledge sharing. Once again, thank you for doing your bit to serve ppl. 🙂

  52. I am an Engineer from VTU and I’m planning to pursue my MS in USA.Some universities require a WES evaluation and on their site(WES) they mention they need photocopies of individual marksheets attested and sent to them.I don’t have individual photocopies that are attested but I do have a consolidated transcript exactly like the one you have shown in your post. I live in Maharashtra and do not wish to go back to Belgaum for attestation of individual marksheets,wouldn’t the official transcript I have be enough for an evaluation by WES?

  53. Hello Storm Rider!!
    Did you catch the Hud-Hud!!! 😛
    Your post was very helpful.
    I had submitted my documents at regional office and it was ready in 4 day 😀
    I would like to leave the regional office contact number for transcripts. I had great difficulty finding a contact number that worked.
    Bangalore VTU contact for transcripts: 080-23016694

    1. Wow! you are the lucky few who got through the line. hahaha.. Appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. And thanks for the working number. I’ve updated my post. : ) .. Cheers!

  54. Ihad 1 back in 6th sem which i cleared in 7th sem . Now i have misplaced my passing marks card of that 1 paper. How can i get a duplicate one.

  55. Hi Storm Rider,

    This is really a great useful information. I lost my MCA semesters marks card from 2nd sem. Can I still apply for the transcript? As I read through, seems they are looking for all the xerox copies of the marks card in order to get the transscript…
    Can I still go the Bangalore registrar office to get the transcript or I have to travel to Belgaum? By the way I have my convocation certification, I just lost only those mca sem marks card from 2nd year. Please throw some light on this.

    1. Hi Charan,

      VTU doesn’t need a copy of your marks cards anymore. You are good to apply either in Bangalore or Belgaum. Let us know how it goes. : )

      Good luck!


  56. Thanks for making our life easier …we applied and got the transcripts from Bangalore .. Appreciate your efforts and so deep dive explanation you gave…

  57. Hi Vineet,

    I am applying for Canada PR and need to get my ECA done. All the designated evaluation agencies by CIC needs transcripts to be sent to them directly by the university, along with a request application (this application we need to send to VTU requesting for the transcript and the registrar or other authorized person needs to sign and stamp the document and send it along with the transcript). I have done my B.E from VTU and have no clue whether they send the transcripts directly to such institutes or not. Please guide me how to get through it.
    On the websites of the ECA agencies it is clearly mentioned that if the transcripts are sent by the applicant or third part, even in a sealed envelope, it wont be considered as official transcript. I have already sent a query to WES mention the situation two weeks ago, but haven’t got any response yet.

    1. Hi Shyam,

      Please look at the comment made by amiyaaloke on June 26, 2013 at 6:37 am on this same page. It goes like – “Update: I finally got someone at VTU office on phone. There is Rs 1000 extra fee for transcripts to be sent to a location abroad. An application needs to included for the same along with a letter sized envelope bearing the abroad address.”

      See if this helps.
      Good luck!


  58. Hi Vineet ! thanks a ton for this info… I just had a small doubt… I stay out of karnataka and met with an accident few days ago and since I am planning for fall 2015, I am in urgent need of transcripts not to miss the deadlines of universities. So can my younger sister or my parents(who do stay in karnataka) can collect my transcripts using option a ?? Please do let me know if you have any info on this. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Sneha. Hope you get well soon. As far as I know, you may send a letter along with your parents or younger sister, authorising them to request and collect your transcripts on your behalf. Please confirm this over the phone to be on the safer side, and also send all the xerox copies of your marks cards, a DD(can be done there but to save time), a request letter, and the authorization letter with them. Good luck! : ) – Vineet

  59. Hi Guys,
    I wanted to get my consolidated marks card(1-8) for an Australian visa application as they do not accept 8 different marks cards.and as a result I visited the VTU Regional office in Bangalore after looking at this site and another helpful site that goes by the name sureshjonna.in . Those guys were so rude and they said they don’t take the applications for anything there. They said that I had to go to Belgaum for my Consolidated marks card. Hell, they didn’t even give me the application form and said that I had to download it from the VTU website. I tried to argue with them saying that there was a circular from the registrar, which states that Parents and students have difficulties in going to Belgaum for each and everything, and hence the VTU regional offices should be serving them, but NO!!!!!! that sad excuse for a woman kept directing me towards the notice board, where they had put up a shitty notice that contained docs required for applying for the consolidated marks card( That notice didn’t say anything about going to Belgaum for applying for a consolidated marks card). Fifteen minutes later, I asked another person and it was the same stupid speech wrapped in tone of a disgusting monologue. I don’t know what they do in that big building then( Seriously you need to check out the regional office). So I’m going to Belgaum next week.

    BE WARNED!!!!!! You are not going to get anything in that regional office. Send it through post if you have loads of time at your disposal, else go to Belgaum if you need it urgently like me.

    1. Hi Shankar,

      Sorry to hear you had to go through all that. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t make it convenient for students, and do it it Bangalore instead of making you go all the way to Belgaum. Thanks for sharing your experience though. Hope they read this and improve their service. Hope they treat you well in Belgaum. Good luck! Cheers – Vineet

  60. My journey to VTU ,Belagavi

    Purpose of Travel
    I lost my Degree convocation certificate so I decided to get the duplicate’s of certificate. applicant receive the duplicate certificate on the same day before 5PM provided applicant submit all necessary documents before 12PM.

    Documents to be submitted
    1.Demand draft -in favour of FINANCE OFFICER VTU BELAGAVI. applicant can get demand draft from SBM bank situated in VTU Campus. Its working hours is 10.30AM TO 4PM.(except Saturday it is 1PM).applicant can take multiple DD’s in case of fee variation.
    2.Application for lost marks card
    It can be downloaded from internet or it is available in bulk at VTU REGISTRAR (EVALUATION) office.
    3.a letter to VTU REGISTRAR (EVALUATION) requesting to issue duplicate certificate with applicant signature on A4 sheet indicating USN ,ADDRESS OF applicant.
    4.photo copy of lost marks card/certificate.
    5.original police FIR copy.
    6.original Self swearing notarized affidavit on rs.20 bond sheet.
    7.original photo I’d& address proof (returned after verification)

    Procedure followed in VTU
    VTU office working hours is 10.30AM to 5.30PM
    With above mentioned documents applicant has to produce it at the office of VTU REGISTRAR (EVALUATION) before 12PM.
    Duplicate marks card/certificate issued before 5PM on the same day after verifying original photo I’d proof.
    In case applicant parent/guardian/friend is applying on behalf of applicant they must carry original photo I’d proof of them as well as candidate.
    Candidate is given a receipt after verifying all documents are found correct and ask them to come back by 4PM to collect the documents.

    Journey from Bangalore.

    I prefer train since it is a journey of 600KM.
    rani chennamma train leaves Bangalore at 9.15PM and arrives at Belagavi at 9AM.Normal sleeper class fare is 350.
    CIty bus stand is located just in front of Belagavi railway station you can board the bus to any one of the following
    1.VTU CROSS-VTU is around one KM from this stop.
    2.(VTU CAMPUS)-bus enters the VTU campus and alight in front of SBM bank.
    Alternatively and I recommend is
    3.walk towards signal bus stop it is situated just 100-150 metres from railway station. One can find quite number of buses from CBT(Central bus stand) to VTU CAMPUS SBM/VTU CROSS passes via signal bus stop.
    Bus fare is rs.15.journey is around 30minutes.

    VTU REGISTRAR (EVALUATION) office building is situated just in front of SBM Bank i . e bus stop.
    VTU REGISTRAR (EVALUATION) office is present in 2nd floor of the building .
    Around 20 chairs present in the floor it is equipped with clean drinking water facility & well maintained toilet for both gents and ladies.

    Back in to the Bus stop you will find SBM Bank ,ATM,Post office, finally a canteen and also a ice cream parlour.alert!!!!Xerox centre is found to be locked. Bring enough photo copy of documents.

    Canteen is well maintined moderately hygiene serve the food at slightly above the Normal fares.break fast is rs 30 ,tea rs 10,coffee is rs15!!,south Indian lunch is rs50.
    Here two plug sockets available for mobile/laptop charging.

    Return Journey

    Collect your certificate before 5PM.
    Office attendant may start issues from 3PM onwards.
    Back to SBM bank bus stand/VTU CROSS BUS STAND you will get buses to railway station
    I suggest you to reach railway station before 6PM.
    At 6.30 PM ranichennamma express leaves Belagavi and reaches Bangalore back by 7AM in morning.
    Maximum 5 copies in number (marks cards/transcript/corrections/consolidations/PDF/duplicate of above) is given by hand to a candidate on the same day after the 5th it is send through the post and it takes 20 working days to receive documents through post.
    There will be a red mark DUPLICATE On the issued certificate & date of issue is present day.

    Don’t miss delicious darwad peda & tasty vada /baji pav in train.

    For more information mail me @nidhiliv@gmail.com.

  61. Hi Shankar,

    How long will take to get the consolidated marks card through post. where did I get that application form.

  62. Hi

    Can someone help what exactly meant by Rs 150 for extra transcripts ? For my BE degree and 8 semester all marks cards (+2 additional backlog marks cards) how much amount DD is required and what does extra transcript means.

    am applying for Canadian express entry for which i need to get my Post secondary assessment done. please help

  63. hi Vinith ,
    thanks a lot for the info, me and my husband both of our degree marks cards are missing, we are living in qatar as of now ,we are from mysore, can my parents go and apply for duplecate marks cards in mysore regional office,
    could you please tell me the procedure.
    thank you.

  64. This was very helpful. One question though, if I need 5 sets of transcripts, do I need to send the 5 sets of photocopies of my marks cards? Or would one suffice?

  65. Hi Vineet,

    Can you please let me know if my brother can collect my transcript from vtu belgaum on my behalf, if yes can u tell me all the necessary docs that he ll have to carry? Please reply asap, i need my transcripts urgently.


  66. Hi,
    We have sent the DD and the details to VTU Belgaum. It has been more than 20 days but we have not received the transcripts. How can we track it. Any email id whom we can contact to find out?

    Thanks in advance.

  67. Kinjal
    Hi Vineet,

    I want transcript from VTU and today one of my friend went to VTU Belgaum but they said I have to go there and take transcript. i need my transcripts urgently. Is there any other way that my friend take my transcript?
    Please reply me asap.

  68. I am now in Canada. I am planning to apply for canadian university . I have completed electrical and electronic enginnering from VTU in 2002. For this, Canadian university requires attested, signed of Transcript and convocation(original) certificate and then sealed in the envelope by university official. The transcript has two page and convocation has one page. For complete sealed document should I make Draft of 175*2+175 = 425 IC or 175*2 . I have this confusion . could any body suggest me which is to be done.As per the form it is like that :
    Could you clarify me and also what will be charge for courrier to the destination . Do I need to make DD for this. Thanks

    RUDRA MANI POKHAREL , rudramanip@yahoo.com

  69. Could you please give me the email address to contact VTU for inquerries. I emailed to VTU but was rejected.

  70. HI Vineet,

    I am planning to visit the VTU regional office in Bangalore located in Nagarbhavi for the purpose of degree transcript. Could you please let me know in whose name the DD should be drawn…is it “Finance Office, VTU Belgaum” or “Finance Officer, VTU Regional Officer, Bangalore”…..since I am directly vising regional office, I was wondering if DD to be drawn to the finance officer in this office or Belgaum office.

  71. Hey Vineet, This is the only place i see you active and hope you are still alive 😀
    I have some questions on this too, please ping me in Facebook or leave your whatsapp/number

  72. I am not sure if you got my previous comment. Looks like this is the only place you are active and alive (going by the date of your last comment).
    Ping me on Facebook or leave your number/whatsapp

  73. I would like to inforn all the concerned that applications for transcripts are accepted only by Bengaluru and Belgaum offices. I visited today Kalaburugi regional office for submission and the officer shared the info.

  74. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the process, I just wanted to know if we had to pay extra in the case of a backlog. Or does the amount remain the same while applying for transcripts?

    Thank you,

  75. Is the letter for transcript a requisite ? Cause PDC doesn’t need one and the webpage in VTU deosn’t mention anything.

  76. Hi, I want information regarding to the copy of the transcript. I need one copy for my reference and other to send to ECE for evaluation in sealed envelop ( Without tampering the seal).
    Hence I wanted to know whether VTU will send both the copy in one envelop or separate sealed envelop such that it will be easy for me to send the seal copy to ECE and other to be with me .

    1. Hi Rajeshree.. No matter how many transcripts you apply for, you will get 1 transcript that is not in an envelope for your reference. The rest will be in sealed envelopes. Hope this answers your question.

        1. Yes you can ask a family member or a friend to apply on your behalf. Just to be on the safer side you may write a letter authorizing the person to apply on your behalf and there should be no problems. Cheers!

      1. Hi Vineet – I had applied for WES through 3rd party. As per that, the VTU will send transcripts to WES Canada. But I have received one copy without seal at my address. I thought they sent me a copy instead of sending it to WES. So, as per your above comment there still is a possiblity that VTU might have sent the sealed transcripts to WES? Thanks in advance for your help.

        1. Hi Rahul.. which third part company or website did you apply through? When I did my WES education credntial validation, WES gave me a number, with which I could track the status of my application. For instance whether or not they received the documents etc. Did the third party website give you one? If not please ask them

          1. Hi Vineet – I have WES reference number. I applied through 3rd party to apply for transcripts to VTU and send it to WES Canada. WES still shows status as ‘Awaiting Documents’. My question is – Does VTU send 2 copies of transcripts ? You mentioned to previous reply that VTU sends one non-sealed copy to us and one to the ECA authority. So, I just wanted to get confirmation on this.

          2. No I don’t believe VTU will send your transcript to WES. But rather your third party website must be having an arrangement to send your documents to WES on your behalf and just send the unsealed copy to your home address. Note that I’ve noticed that WES takes time to update their status. If you can share the Name of the third party website it will be helpful. Just a side note – the WES website is pretty straight forward and requires the same documents as required by a third party website. Just curious, why choose a third party to represent you? And how much did it cost?

          3. Hi Vineet – Thanks for the update. I don’t see reply for your last comment on this thread. So, posting it one above. I chose the third party because I’m in Canada at the moment and I don’t have anyone who can get the transcripts for me. I don’t want to advertise the website. (you can google it, not difficult to find it :)). I paid Rs 5000, including postage fees to WES.

  77. Hey,
    So I graduated from an autonomous college AFFILIATED to VTU. Do I still need to obtain my transcripts from VTU or are the ones issued by my college good enough? (the institute issued ones look exactly like the one you’ve put up but with the institute’s name on the top instead of “VTU.” They have mentioned “Affiliated to VTU”, but still not sure if these transcripts will be accepted by the universities abroad.)
    Any help will be appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Hi Jane! Autonomous colleges affiliated to VTU are independent bodies and have total control on administartion and stuff. VTU will not be able to provide your transcripts. The transcripts that you have from your College should be good. Good luck on your applications!

  78. Hi, Just wanted to know the procedure for WES. I got to know the procedure for getting the official transcripts. however, Can anyone help me. If I give the filled WES application request form along with the xerox copies. Will they seal and sign. Is there any particular amount of DD I need to take for getting the seal and signature on the WES form. Please suggest.

    1. My experience with WES was for them to verify my bachelor’s degree and fund the equivalent Canadian degree for my permanent residency application to Canada. Which I did a week ago. I had to provide a sealed VTU transcript which I describe how to get on this post and an application form. The fees are shown on their website. Will share it once I get on my computer. Cheers.

      1. Hi Vineet,

        I am in the process of applying PR in Canada.
        Could you please help me to get the transcripts from Vishweswariah Technological University, Belgaum( VTU).

        I live abroad and travelling to India just for transcript is not possible, I read ur comment and contacted with lot fo hopes.

  79. Hi Vineet,

    Do you know if I can follow the same procedure(Option (b) WITHIN 4 WORKING DAYS (Submit and Collect from VTU, Regional Office)) for attestation of Degree certificate and Marks card.

  80. i have applied to a foreign university which needs the documents directly sent from VTU. How do I go about it?

  81. Hi

    It’s really a great work done to help vtu students. I applied for my part time Mtech transcripts following the procedure given.Till now have not received my transcripts.Its been three months now.I checked with my college I studied they said there is no concept of transcripts for part time MTech.I tried calling university..as usual no reply..I stay abroad and instant can’t plan for Belgaum..If any info on this please share.

  82. Hi StormRider, I graduated in 2016 june but had 2 subjects backlog in my 1st attempt. One which got cleared in revaluation and the other one got cleared in dec 2016. Now I am trying to join a Company and they are asking for the original 8th Sem marksheet. And when they are asking for attested copy I only have the marksheet before revaluation where 2 backlogs are shown and one from dec where only 1 subject is mentioned. Any idea on what can be done? When do people normally get their 8th sem card? Or can I apply for the transcript?

  83. Hi, I am writing this with great hopes. I graduated in 2008 from a college that became autonomous in 2007-2008, until then my college was affiliated to VTU. I am now applying for MS and urgently want transcripts. I am in US and requested my brother to arrange transcripts. But I am not sure if he needs to go to Belgaum to collect them in a day or go to the college? Regional offices in Bangalore take around 7-8 days and I cannot afford to delay.
    I am not sure if the now autonomous college can give my transcripts or VTU since my course was affiliated to VTU when I did my BE ?

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