Poem ~ January Calling

January Calling

Death comes knocking
Sounds of wine glasses, clink
The news always shocking
Life, a hint longer than a blink
Our worlds’ to be seperated
My intestines curl
Every breath so precious
Has my time really come?
Questions arise
Flooding memories, divine
So many lies, So many unheard cries
Swallow, the pain, gradually sinks in
Thinking, What lies beyond?
What lay before?
Have you tried it all?
As you beg, for just one last chance
Have I lived before?
Do I have any more?
Or is this our only shot?
If I die tomorrow,
I’ll be alright
Life’s not given to throw
But after all, I’m ready to go

With death come and gone
Heaven or Hell – the time has come at last
One has to be strong
The journey back to where you belong
Now just a memory
A picture on a wall
My life lived so ordinary
Can I talk to people when they call?
Somethings I’m certain
I finally am free
A feeling so warming, a feeling so right
Sight of eternity so close,
came a promising, bright light
When life dropped it’s curtain on me
That late January night.

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11 thoughts on “Poem ~ January Calling”

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Jai Long… : )

      So happy you stopped by. I just love your work. The photos you take are amazing. Keep them coming! : )
      Have a good one!

  1. This is such a totally wonderful way to write about the experience of dying, from the inside out. The photograph is a perfect illustration for the peace and rejoining of nature that happens in someone properly prepared to leave the fleshly existence. Wonderful!

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