“Dude, I just got Page Rank’ed! “

“Dude, I just got Page Rank’ed!”
“You mean pranked?”
“No.. What’s wrong with you?! .. Page Ranked!”
“Dude. What the hell you talking about?”
“Google Page Rank is… <blah><blah>….”
“What’s wrong with you? That’s stupid! … …. Anyways, so what rank are you at now?”
“I was a Zero.. and now it’s a …umm… never mind. It’s nothing.” : /

Yeah, so my stupid google page rank stands at 2 out of 10. Are they trying to inspire? Or are they trying to depress?! Beats me.

Whatever may their intention be, I am just happy that Mr. Google knows that ‘The Confused Graduate’ exists.

How to check your pagerank?

It’s simple. The result of one of the most complex algorithms written by Google can be checked every once in a while with the help of any of the following google approved sites,

Trust me, it’s addictive!

For now, my page rank stands at 2. It began as an N/A as most new blogs will, then climbed up to a noticable 0/10. And now, voila! It’s 2!!! : ) : )
Read an older post of me complaining about my old page rank. : )

Although, the traffic to my blog hasn’t significantly increased or such after the latest PR update.
But I did notice that my blog comes on the first page for the following search keywords when tried on ww.google.com .

colleges that don’t require gre
Article : https://theconfusedgraduate.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/list-of-us-colleges-that-do-not-require-gre/

drakes fortune 3 puzzles
Article : https://theconfusedgraduate.wordpress.com/2011/07/31/uncharted-drakes-fortune-ps-3-puzzle-walkthrough/

llb after engineering
Article : https://theconfusedgraduate.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/top-ranked-law-universities-offering-3-yr-llb-courses-india/

cocktail making classes bangalore
Article : https://theconfusedgraduate.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/cocktail-making-courses-in-bangalore/

8×59 M35 Breda
Article : https://theconfusedgraduate.wordpress.com/2011/08/13/8×59-m35-breda/

vtu transcripts
Article : https://theconfusedgraduate.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/vtu-transcripts-made-easy/

Pretty cool huh 😉 : )

Few things you should know about the google page rank –
1. It takes a few months before your page rank changes.
2. No one knows how it works except Larry Page.
3. It is not whole numbers as you would think, but a decimal, floating-point number.
4. Each higher rank is progressively harder to acheive.
5. It is one of the most complex algorithms written by google to rank web pages.
6. Google will penalize you if you share a bad link. Leaves a scar for life!
7. Lastly, and the most important – Don’t give a crap about the google rank.

But, If you’re site depends on search engines to get visitors, then I suggest you learn a few things on how to impress Google’s official web spiders. Although Google Page Rank is not the only criterion that search engines use, there is the Alexa rank, Mozilla rank, certain SEO techniques etc.

If you really do care about your google rank, read on and follow few simple things that will help your blog.

For starters, try and get a backlink from a high ranking site/forum i.e a page rank 8 or 9 or 10.

Remember there are Page Rank Penalties, if done in a wrong manner

Here are a few examples of how Google has penalized those who try to cheat their way into a good Pagerank(PR).

Proof of Page Rank penalty

Backlinks = 20,000
Page Rank = 0
That’s Google penalty for building links too fast!

Another important factor, is to keep your blog/website alive.

You do not want to bore the google spiders when they come back to your web space, crawling over the same stuff. Treat them to new interesting posts.

FYI – The spiders are illeterate. The don’t read content, but only look at links.
Sometimes new posts may end up harming your rank.

So give them what they want. Whenever you use a picture, or content that is not yours, make sure you provide a link back to it’s origin.

Hope this helped! Keep posting, and more importantly enjoy blogging.
Have a good one!

image : https://theconfusedgraduate.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/6a155-google-pagerank.png

9 thoughts on ““Dude, I just got Page Rank’ed! “”

  1. A very useful post, my rank is 4 / 10 and has been for about a year, but the rank really doe’s not bother me.

    I’m getting about 250 / 300 hits a day and i think thats great for a blog just over a year old.

    I wil try and go to some of those sites and comment or do you mean leave a link to my home page.

    Btw, over the years here, i have learnt that you should limit your tags and categories to 10, its seen as spamming to many 🙂

  2. Good info, Storm Rider! I do care about Google PageRank only because publishers who I will be submitting to care! Thanks so much for all this practical help here.

  3. Must admit it never entered my head about being ranked, but there again I simply blog for my own pleasure and hope I write something interesting. The main thing about this blogging lark is how many other interesting blog pages I have found about subjects I am interested in. Thanks for dropping by my blog, much appreciated, maybe I’ve moved up the rank 🙂

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