Infosys ~ Over and Out – My last day at Infosys!

To be an Infoscion is not easy! You have to follow endless policies, abide by rules, abide by the rules, did I say abide by rules?! You will also find yourself in queues most of the day, follow a queue to get a cup of tea, to go to the loo, to the lift, to the bus, to use the bench press at the gym, the list is endless. You also have to compete with 150,000 co-workers. Yes, Infy is a 150K+ person organization. It’s like a whole town by itself! And they have done a brilliant job to keep so many of us satisfied. To run a company of such strength is not a joke.

There are policies in Infosys I understand, but most I don’t. Although they are reasoned out in every Q&A opportunity given, but still they haven’t been able to convince me about many things. But I am very sure, every company has some policies that, have you gritting your teeth. So I am gonna look past that and tell you how cool Infosys is. Infosys boasts of several Development Centres, A Gym, a Jacuzzi, a Basketball court, a Music Room, has a steam room, a Volley Ball court, Tennis courts, a Football ground, a dormitory, 8 Food Courts, Chemist shops, Restaurants, a Supermarket, a private bank, a recharge centre, a Bangalore-One, Print-o, retail shops, an Amphitheatre, a 24/7 clinic, a swimming pool, snooker tables, all in one campus! And the same can be found in all the campuses around India and the Globe. How cool is that? Infy definitely promotes the work hard and party harder, attitude. And there is nothing else in the world that I agree more to. With that approach I have completed, a very fast-paced 3 year stay, here at Infosys. I am grateful for the opportunity given. And if given a chance, I would do it all over again, the same way.

I have to thank my managers, Mr.Ankur and Mr.Santhosh for being so kind, patient and so lenient with me, also for being so understanding, and for guiding me through out.

If the time spent at mysore during our training were to be put into a loop, and I had to live it for the rest of my life, I would gladly do so. : )  Moments I shared with Anita, Elen, Suman, Joy, Su, Srini, Utsav and the rest of the gang, are moments to cherish for life. : ) Cheers <clink> to all the good times. : ) Hope our paths cross sometime, again and real soon.

Friends made at the bball court. On the floor. At the music room. Will miss you all! Bhuva, I’ll probably catch up with you on your wednesday’s Karoake night at LOR. : )Rakesh, thank you so much for all the great drumming tips. My project team, Abhilash, Lohith, Boopathi thank you all for being supportive and helping me out whenever needed.

To my parents and sis- Sorry for all the chaos that I have created every morning during the last 2 years; searching for my tie, my shoes, my wallet and what not. Daddy, a special thank you for helping me chase down the bus whenever I got late. i.e 90% of the time! 😛

All this memory….. of my short time spent with the real king of good times – Infosys.

I Salute.

Vineet Karkera
# 129911 : )


6 thoughts on “Infosys ~ Over and Out – My last day at Infosys!”

  1. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. A self contained organization? Sounds like something from the future. Or is that where you came from?

  2. It was good I had to get up early and drop you at the bus stop. After dropping you there was nothing else to do, hence made it to the Gym.
    Now that I do not have to drop you in the morning I have stopped going to the Gym.

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