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Monday mornings..

My Monday morning just got better when a rainbow magically showed up


Woman’s Day

She wondered what this day was.. Mankind had just made up
She who hath created ye need no day.
She believeth that every day is hers so she knows not what you mean by woman’s day
Ye thinkest this hath been evened.. Think again!!
The power to create has she, but she treat all even
She like to share and share alike
She like to be fair and so she asked,  why aren’t all days “Mankind Day”

Oh January

Oh January the unknown hath cast a spell upon thee,

Masked thou art with sparkling stars tricking man’s senses

Cometh thou with freshness and  hope, and numbers that game new days

With merriment and laughter we step into this newness

But Alas! When with glee we smile, the spell works

Bringing this earth to a place that is no good

Where every breath is brewed with horror and fright

Oh darkness, all that is asked of me, to trust in January yet again


I wrote this octave  on the eve of 2013. Here’s a little background. I lost my grandmother in 2011, then grandfather in 2012. I was beginning to believe we were cursed and was scared to welcome the new year 2013 and that’s when I wrote this. In 2013 I lost my other grandmother, 2014 lost my other grandfather and 2015 lost my favourite person who we call BRI. Finally 2016 went well and I am now posting this poem cause I believe the curse is broken 🙂