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Monday mornings..

My Monday morning just got better when a rainbow magically showed up


A Scam that has gone too far?

Is this a Scam that has gone too far? Well, who are we talking about ?

They want control.

They influence people’s way of life, way of thinking, help them with decision making.

They claim to be all-knowing, have all the answers, and are more than happy to share with you, a free copy of what they call a blueprint to best way to live life.

They demand obedience, and shape your moral compass.

They own real estate, some own cities, schools, hospitals, old age homes, politicians, world influencial leaders and your mind.

And, yes they need money. Who are they?

What do they Provide?

Sense of Belonging




State of Trance

What do they get?




Why will this work?

Fear of Punishment

Forced down at a young age

Outcasted from Community/Society

Promise of Ultimate Reward

Manipulate the Poor by providing food, clothing, education in exchange of simply joining the club

What it has lead to?



Rituals and Traditions

Division of people – Tribalism

So what’s wrong? Why is this so bad?



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Woman’s Day

She wondered what this day was.. Mankind had just made up
She who hath created ye need no day.
She believeth that every day is hers so she knows not what you mean by woman’s day
Ye thinkest this hath been evened.. Think again!!
The power to create has she, but she treat all even
She like to share and share alike
She like to be fair and so she asked,  why aren’t all days “Mankind Day”

Oh January

Oh January the unknown hath cast a spell upon thee,

Masked thou art with sparkling stars tricking man’s senses

Cometh thou with freshness and  hope, and numbers that game new days

With merriment and laughter we step into this newness

But Alas! When with glee we smile, the spell works

Bringing this earth to a place that is no good

Where every breath is brewed with horror and fright

Oh darkness, all that is asked of me, to trust in January yet again


I wrote this octave  on the eve of 2013. Here’s a little background. I lost my grandmother in 2011, then grandfather in 2012. I was beginning to believe we were cursed and was scared to welcome the new year 2013 and that’s when I wrote this. In 2013 I lost my other grandmother, 2014 lost my other grandfather and 2015 lost my favourite person who we call BRI. Finally 2016 went well and I am now posting this poem cause I believe the curse is broken 🙂

Back to School …..First week in Canada!! :)

New place. New people. New culture. New school. New grocery store. New apartment. New Beer.
Now, that’s a fresh start!

It is almost safe to say that the friendliest people on the planet are in Newfoundland. And in the province of Newfoundland, St. John’s takes pride in being the most welcoming, most friendly, and most caring of all. Coming from a city of 8,500,000+ people, to a town with a population of 150,000 people, is strange, but very refreshing. Even though St. John’s is one of the smaller towns in Canada, they have their own ice-hockey team called the IceCaps, founded a year ago, in 2011. Ice-hockey is CRAZY BIG here! Everyone indulges in some sports or the other. It’s surprising to see even the faculty of science, PhD guys, being involved in sports, and that too so religiously. Some of the professors in the university, also train students in cross-country skiing, ice-hockey etc during semester breaks. It’s just so impressive. Kudos man. Hats off.

So far, the weather has been pleasant. But it may be the calm before the storm. Quite literally. Here’s a link to the news of a Hurricane Leslie likely to hit Newfoundland, Canada tomorrow. It gives the media lil something to talk about here, otherwise a man mauling his dog will make the headlines (it actually did. Last week.).

Brian, a taxi driver, who I got quite acquainted to on my way to the one of TWO malls in St. John’s…  the Avalon Mall, used a term that I was quite unfamiliar with, and soon became my  favourite word for some reason, but only lasted a while – “Newfie“. Ain’t that a cool word?

Newfies is a slang used by many, to refer to the actual locals of Newfoundland. It’s a word I became very fond of, for some reason, and I try to use it whenever I get the chance,while always meaning good. Like most slangs, it can be offensive to some, and as an immigrant (or a non-newfie or a non-local), it can lead to misunderstandings, and meaningless bar fights! But, most Newfoundlanders will say, “Damn right, I’m a Newfie” with a big smile on their face. Here’s an interesting, but slightly confusing article on the subject.

So this is one of the last times I am gonna use the word, “Nefwie”. : )

And NO mummy, daddy, I haven’t got into a bar fight….. yet! 😛 hehe

There’s tons of Beer brands to experiment with, only if my loan sanction letter would’ve covered that… 😛
There is a Beer brewery just down the road from my place, and according to the landlord here, he says, you can smell the Beer being brewed every once in a while. Looking forward to that.

1st pic

I have loads of things to do during my stay here at Canada, all planned up in my head. Hope I get through all of them.  Just realized that ‘study’ isn’t one of them. hehe.

I keep forgetting that I am here to study; I just hope my grades don’t show it too. So far this journey has been wonderful. I hope it stays that way.

Well, I’m back to school.

<< A silent prayer, as I plunge confidently into the unknown.    >>

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Infosys ~ Over and Out – My last day at Infosys!

To be an Infoscion is not easy! You have to follow endless policies, abide by rules, abide by the rules, did I say abide by rules?! You will also find yourself in queues most of the day, follow a queue to get a cup of tea, to go to the loo, to the lift, to the bus, to use the bench press at the gym, the list is endless. You also have to compete with 150,000 co-workers. Yes, Infy is a 150K+ person organization. It’s like a whole town by itself! And they have done a brilliant job to keep so many of us satisfied. To run a company of such strength is not a joke.

There are policies in Infosys I understand, but most I don’t. Although they are reasoned out in every Q&A opportunity given, but still they haven’t been able to convince me about many things. But I am very sure, every company has some policies that, have you gritting your teeth. So I am gonna look past that and tell you how cool Infosys is. Infosys boasts of several Development Centres, A Gym, a Jacuzzi, a Basketball court, a Music Room, has a steam room, a Volley Ball court, Tennis courts, a Football ground, a dormitory, 8 Food Courts, Chemist shops, Restaurants, a Supermarket, a private bank, a recharge centre, a Bangalore-One, Print-o, retail shops, an Amphitheatre, a 24/7 clinic, a swimming pool, snooker tables, all in one campus! And the same can be found in all the campuses around India and the Globe. How cool is that? Infy definitely promotes the work hard and party harder, attitude. And there is nothing else in the world that I agree more to. With that approach I have completed, a very fast-paced 3 year stay, here at Infosys. I am grateful for the opportunity given. And if given a chance, I would do it all over again, the same way.

I have to thank my managers, Mr.Ankur and Mr.Santhosh for being so kind, patient and so lenient with me, also for being so understanding, and for guiding me through out.

If the time spent at mysore during our training were to be put into a loop, and I had to live it for the rest of my life, I would gladly do so. : )  Moments I shared with Anita, Elen, Suman, Joy, Su, Srini, Utsav and the rest of the gang, are moments to cherish for life. : ) Cheers <clink> to all the good times. : ) Hope our paths cross sometime, again and real soon.

Friends made at the bball court. On the floor. At the music room. Will miss you all! Bhuva, I’ll probably catch up with you on your wednesday’s Karoake night at LOR. : )Rakesh, thank you so much for all the great drumming tips. My project team, Abhilash, Lohith, Boopathi thank you all for being supportive and helping me out whenever needed.

To my parents and sis- Sorry for all the chaos that I have created every morning during the last 2 years; searching for my tie, my shoes, my wallet and what not. Daddy, a special thank you for helping me chase down the bus whenever I got late. i.e 90% of the time! 😛

All this memory….. of my short time spent with the real king of good times – Infosys.

I Salute.

Vineet Karkera
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“Dude, I just got Page Rank’ed! “

“Dude, I just got Page Rank’ed!”
“You mean pranked?”
“No.. What’s wrong with you?! .. Page Ranked!”
“Dude. What the hell you talking about?”
“Google Page Rank is… <blah><blah>….”
“What’s wrong with you? That’s stupid! … …. Anyways, so what rank are you at now?”
“I was a Zero.. and now it’s a …umm… never mind. It’s nothing.” : /

Yeah, so my stupid google page rank stands at 2 out of 10. Are they trying to inspire? Or are they trying to depress?! Beats me.

Whatever may their intention be, I am just happy that Mr. Google knows that ‘The Confused Graduate’ exists.

How to check your pagerank?

It’s simple. The result of one of the most complex algorithms written by Google can be checked every once in a while with the help of any of the following google approved sites,

Trust me, it’s addictive!

For now, my page rank stands at 2. It began as an N/A as most new blogs will, then climbed up to a noticable 0/10. And now, voila! It’s 2!!! : ) : )
Read an older post of me complaining about my old page rank. : )

Although, the traffic to my blog hasn’t significantly increased or such after the latest PR update.
But I did notice that my blog comes on the first page for the following search keywords when tried on .

colleges that don’t require gre
Article :

drakes fortune 3 puzzles
Article :

llb after engineering
Article :

cocktail making classes bangalore
Article :

8×59 M35 Breda
Article :×59-m35-breda/

vtu transcripts
Article :

Pretty cool huh 😉 : )

Few things you should know about the google page rank –
1. It takes a few months before your page rank changes.
2. No one knows how it works except Larry Page.
3. It is not whole numbers as you would think, but a decimal, floating-point number.
4. Each higher rank is progressively harder to acheive.
5. It is one of the most complex algorithms written by google to rank web pages.
6. Google will penalize you if you share a bad link. Leaves a scar for life!
7. Lastly, and the most important – Don’t give a crap about the google rank.

But, If you’re site depends on search engines to get visitors, then I suggest you learn a few things on how to impress Google’s official web spiders. Although Google Page Rank is not the only criterion that search engines use, there is the Alexa rank, Mozilla rank, certain SEO techniques etc.

If you really do care about your google rank, read on and follow few simple things that will help your blog.

For starters, try and get a backlink from a high ranking site/forum i.e a page rank 8 or 9 or 10.

Remember there are Page Rank Penalties, if done in a wrong manner

Here are a few examples of how Google has penalized those who try to cheat their way into a good Pagerank(PR).

Proof of Page Rank penalty
Backlinks = 20,000
Page Rank = 0
That’s Google penalty for building links too fast!

Another important factor, is to keep your blog/website alive.

You do not want to bore the google spiders when they come back to your web space, crawling over the same stuff. Treat them to new interesting posts.

FYI – The spiders are illeterate. The don’t read content, but only look at links.
Sometimes new posts may end up harming your rank.

So give them what they want. Whenever you use a picture, or content that is not yours, make sure you provide a link back to it’s origin.

Hope this helped! Keep posting, and more importantly enjoy blogging.
Have a good one!

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Global Warming – YAWN!!!

Curious to know what our top scientists and researchers are doing in the world, I head to the Science and Technology section of the DailyMail. And all I found was, Global Warming gonna kill you, Global Warming gonna make you short, Global Warming is bad. I mean, what’s the deal? Are they trying to scare us? Are they trying to blame us? Are they gonna do something about it? Do they know what it realy is?

Curious. I read on.
Here is a list of all the confusing, misleading articles on global warming..

Article #1: “Everest could soon become impossible to climb because of global warming…”

Mt. Everest is already impossible for me to climb! I can’t even think of it, considering my physical fitness. Even if I was fit, and ready to take on the Everest, I am sure that my manager would not approve my leaves.

So, dailymail stop telling me things I already know. Oh, it’s not for me you say, Apa a.k.a ‘Super Sherpa’ wants to climb it again. And he is complaining that it’s difficult to climb the Mt. Everest now because of ‘Global Warming’?……. and not because he is 55 years old? Are you sure?


Article #2: “Global warming ‘could make us shorter’ after horses are found to have shrunk the LAST time the world heated up”

Who would want freakishly tall Horses roaming around? Well, for this I thank god for Global Warming! At least my future kids will have a scientific reason to tell at the Basketball court, if they turn out short, “I could’ve dunked, you know… only a little taller… stupid Global Warming!”.

Did the title say the ‘LAST’ time the world heated up? That means there actualy was a world heat up before too, and during that time, I bet it was the smoke coming out of Fred flintstone’s feet.

Note – I did not read the article. It really wasn’t for me. There might be something there, so here’s the link for all you Al Gor’ians.
link :

Article #3: “Baghdad was frozen over 1,000 years ago in new clue over climate change”
link :

Article #4: “Science&Tech Article: Global warming theory in chaos after report finds increased solar activity may COOL the Earth”

Now what? After reading so much, all I understood was Global Warming was a bad thing, heating up the earth, melting snow caps, not allowing Sherpa to climb, wiping islands, not keeping the same climate even after 1000 years, in famous places like Bagdad. And now you tell me that Global Warming is actually Cooling. Let’s get serious here. Where’s my money gone? I demand my green tax back!

I request all you arrogant, self-righteous, self-pomptious, hobyless, Al Gor followers to kindly leave us, equally arrogant, self-involved, ignorant, selfish, majority alone!


Just, beware of the 21st century scam called Global Warming.

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VTU Transcripts made easy

You will be surprised how well VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum) is managing to give it’s thousands of ex-students their Engineering transcripts. If you have plans to go abroad for your higher studies some time soon, or planning to immigrate, then you will definitely need your “Official Transcripts” from your ex-university. And if it’s VTU, I just might be able to help you.

So here are a few things that you might find interesting

What are Official Transcripts exactly?  You’ve got all your semester marks cards. You have your final year degree completion certificate. Then what the hell is a transcript? The transcript will contain all your marks from all the semester in a single sheet, with a small indicator at the corner of each semester table, showing the number of attempts you had for that semester. It’s basically for the University that you are applying to, to have a general idea of how the rating system was at your previous university. Coz’ each university has their own way of grading students, like the GPA, Percentage, Percentile (Yes, it’s different from Percentage!), Grades, Levels, Marks etc. It can get quite confusing for the university you have/will be applying to, to compare students. The transcript will tell the university how exactly to interpret these marks.

What do they mean by ”Official”? You will receive your transcripts in envelopes, which are sealed and signed by the VTU Registrar on the flap, to show that no one has tampered with the marks. For example, if you have requested for 15 copies of Transcripts. You will receive 15 transcripts in sealed, signed envelopes + 1 additional unsealed transcript copy (without an envelope) for you to know the contents of the other envelopes you just received. The 15 sealed, signed envelopes will remain as your Official Transcripts until you break the seal. Refrain from opening them.

What do they look like inside? .. It is exactly like the extra copy that you get along with your sealed transcripts. If you haven’t applied or seen one yet, here’s a sample of my VTU transcript just so you know what to expect.

VTU Transcript Page 1 of 2
Click to ENLARGE
VTU Transcript Page 2 of 2
Click to ENLARGE

How do I get my Transcript from VTU? The answer to this question depends on how soon you need them. Coz’ there are 3 ways in which you may obtain your Official VTU transcript –

For this you will need to go to VTU, Belgaum.
Step 1: Reach Belgaum by 9:00 a.m on a day except Sunday and National Holidays.
Step 2: Take an auto (costs Rs. 150) or Bus (quite frequent) from the railway station to the VTU ofice.
Belgaum Address:
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Belgaum, “Jnanasangama”, Matchhe, Belgaum – 590 018, Ph : 0831-249 8197
Try to reach by 10:00 a.m
Step 3: Once you reach, If you haven’t made your DD yet, there is a national bank bang opposite the VTU Transcript office in VTU campus. It opens at 10:30. Try and get it done as soon as possible.
If you already have a DD ready with you, order a hot tea and an Aloo Bonda (very tasty) from the Canteen just adjacent to the Bank, as you have enough time.
Step 4: After your tea, cross the road. Go to the first floor. Fill out an application form handed out by the receptionist.
Step 5: Submit the xerox copies of all your markscards + Application Form + DD.
Step 6: You’re work is done.
Now, all you have to do is – wait! Simply roam around the campus or take the next bus to the ‘city’ (half hour by bus), eat at a good restaurant.
Step 7: Return by 04:00 p.m to collect your transcripts.
Step 8: There you are! Return to wherever the hell you came from, on the same day.

Vineet’s Tip: Try and submit your application by 11:00 a.m to expect your transcripts on the same day.
Vineet’s Tip: Avoid the autos, they will scam you into staying in a hotel, waiting charge, food etc. The bus is quite convenient and reliable.

Option (b) WITHIN 4 WORKING DAYS (Submit and Collect from VTU, Regional Office)
VTU has opened Regional offices, in other cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Gulbarga etc, for the convenience of current/ex-students
Step 1: Reach the closest VTU Regional Office by 11:00 a.m


Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Bangalore, RHCS Layout Annapoorneshwarinagar, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore-560091
Ph : 080-23181188

Alternate Number : 080-23016694
Mysore (They don’t have this facility yet)
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Mysore, Hanchya Sathagally Layout, Ring Road, Mysore – 570 019.
Ph: 0821-2570012
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Gulbarga
Ph : 08472-25 6155

Step 2: Fill out the application form provided by the receptionist, if not already done.
Step 3: Submit your xerox copies + 1 DD + 1 App form.
Step 4: Done! Come back to the same place after exactly 4 working days (exclude Sundays and National holidays) to collect your Official Transcripts. Voila!

Step 1: Get all your documents ready to submit i.e DD , Application form, Xerox of all your markscards.
Step 2: Write a letter to the VTU, Registrar requesting for a Transcript.
Sample Letter :  Sample Letter Download

Step 3: Buy an envelope and shove all the documents stated in Step 1 and Step 2 into it and address it to –
The Registrar(Evaluation)
Visvesvaraya Technological University
“Jnana Sangama”, Machhe Belgaum: 590 018
Step 4: Send this package my post.
Step 5: Now, you play the waiting game! You will receive your transcripts by snail mail in 15-20 days time.
Vineet’s Tip : Do make sure you mention your current address in a legitimate manner.
Vineet’s Tip : Send it by Speed Post.

Here’s a sample of how your letter will look like –

VTU Official Transcript Envelope Side 1
Click to ENLARGE
VTU Official Transcript Envelope Side 2
Click to ENLARGE

To make your life easier, make sure you have the following ready well before hand-

1. Xerox copies of all your markscards

2. A filled out Application Form (available at )

3. A DD from a national bank in favour of “Finance Officer, VTU Belgaum”, with an amount of

Rs. (250 + (n-1) * 150) , ‘n’ being the number of transcripts.

(You’re an engineer you can figure that out!)

Well, all that’s left to say is “Good Luck on your applications!” : )

And Happy Studying in the near future, and please support me by liking my facebook page (can be found at the end of this page). Cheers!

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