INFAMOUS : Stuck at Mission: Terrorized Streets – walkthrough

Well, I remember being stuck at this mission for quite some time. Struggling to finish the enemies around the truck, as well as the ones shooting from inside the truck. So, heres a little hint for you… There is only one way to do it (you will find out eventually after several attempts) ..but if you want to finish the mission now then follow these simple steps…

Step 1: Jump off any building top, while trying to land exactly on the roof of the truck.
Step 2: Drain the energy out of the truck, until the truck halts! Continue reading INFAMOUS : Stuck at Mission: Terrorized Streets – walkthrough


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Which gaming console? XBOX 360 vs PS 3 vs Nintendo Wii

It really depends on your budget first and then the games you want to play.

First, you need to check the games collection under each console, as each of XBOX , Playstaion etc have their very own specific games. Like, if you happen to fall in love with KILLZONE 1/2/3 (which you will!) then obviously you should pick up the PS 3. And trust me you will have no regrets.
But if you love the look and feel of Halo, the XBOX 360 is for you!
If you are more of a casual gamer, and don’t want to spend too much, every time you buy a game, I suggest you go ahead and buy a PS 2. Yeah.. seriously, totally worth it. The games don’t cost too much and the console too is inexpensive.
If you are into the family fun, or the kinda games that you and your friends like to play on the weekend jamming pretending to be rock stars?! Games like GUITAR HERO will excite you. And you should get the Nintendo’s Wii. Trust me it’s fun. 🙂
In the 3D category, there are not too many games at the moment, i suggest to wait till the technology stabilizes and gains a firm gripping in the industry. The Microsoft’s Kinect seems pretty cool, but really cannot be used by serious gamers, it has a bit of an annoying lag.

 Whereas the Playstaion’s Move controller seems pretty accurate.
I don’t want to sound like a fanboy, but.. eh.. Playstation has a pretty cool line up for this year!
So, let the games decide which console is best for you.

 Weigh your options  …. and see you at the arena!! 🙂

iT’s bEst to Get yOUr IT cerTiFIcatiOn dOnE wHeN iN COllegE. . .

Confused what certification to get ? Which will pay off? Which is worth it? Which certification is hot in the market? Which certification is in demand?
Wondering when is the best time to start?
Be it CCNA… SCJP.. Oracle SQL Programmer Certification.. ComptiA+ anything.
Widen your horizon.. just explore!!

I think the right time to do an external certification is in the 3rd year of your under-graduate course(pre-final), without comprimising your course work ofcourse! It gives you a glimpse of what is in store for you in the industry and makes you job ready! Graduates with an IT certification gives them an upper hand over the others.

Here are a few certifications you can start with –

Oracle Certified Java Programmer (previously known as SCJP) –
With this certification it proves that your foundation in Java is strong! Get this if you want to compete with IT proffessionals with 2 years of work ex. A great added value certification.. totally adds weight to a resume.
Cost :
Time required : 1-2 months study

CompTIA A+ Certification
This certification is difficult but worth every minute spent in studying for it! Coz’ it’s rare to find CompTIA A+ certified proffs. It’s a starting certification. By the end of this certification, you will know in and out of a computer. You can opt for jobs in PC Support, Security etc
Cost :
Time Required : 8-9 months study

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
This certification is a good step to get into the Networking line. There is a lot of scope here. But I cannot gaurantee a high paying job with this certification but it can be used as a stepping stone to the next level. As most Cisco certifications require a CCNA certification. This will help in the long run perspective and not for an immediate change.
Cost :
Time Required : 3-4 months

Microsoft Certified Software Engineer (MCSE)
This is a wonderful certification to prove your knowledge in SQL etc. This is quite in demand, and a good move to progress in the career ladder.
Cost :
Time Required : 4 months

There are a lot of Cloud computing/networking certifications. IBM offers a few. Please ask around for the cost, demand and recognition of such certifications before you get into them. As they cost a bomb. Try and get somebody to sponsor 🙂

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